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  1. catherine_cardella

    Nursing diagnosis HYPOTENSION

    I agree with the Altered Tissue Perfusion diagnosis. If the patient's BP continues to remain critically low, she would eventually be transferred to the ICU and possibly started on a dopamine drip (hypothetically speaking). If you're looking for a second-best diagnosis, Risk for Injury would be ideal because patient safety is huge right now.
  2. catherine_cardella

    **St. Johns, Beaumont, or Henry Ford...Job opprotunity question**

    if you wait until you get into nursing school, then you can become a nurse tech, student nurse associate, etc. those tend to be contingent positions where you can work as much or as little as you'd like. the best part is you can adjust your work schedule around school. nursing assistant positions are either full-time or part-time commitments and far less forgiving to your school schedule. i work at karmanos and we get paid $14 which i do realize is a few dollars less than most institutions, but i love it there.
  3. catherine_cardella

    **St. Johns, Beaumont, or Henry Ford...Job opprotunity question**

    working as a student nurse/assistant isn't that bad. if you're on a heavy-duty floor like i am, then yes you will be wiping "dookie" off very sick patients' rear ends. but hey, this is all part of becoming a nurse. you have to be at the bottom of the totem pole somewhere. deal with it
  4. catherine_cardella

    Oncology Patient Ratios

    I work as an aide on a strictly BMT floor. On day and afternoon shifts, it's 3 patients per nurse. For nights, it's 4 patients per nurse because we are currently understaffed for night shifts.
  5. catherine_cardella

    Student Nurses in OR???

    I just applied for a student nurse position in the OR. I didn't even know they had student nurses in the OR. The job description was extremely vague, but I applied anyway. Once I graduate, I eventually want to do surgical nursing. Does anyone know what exactly student nurses do in the OR?
  6. catherine_cardella

    Are PDA's Really Necessary?

    I don't think they are necessary. I've seen plenty of computers at nurses station with internet access that you can use to look up info. However, I can see how PDAs may be helpful for home health nurses who don't have easy access to the internet.
  7. catherine_cardella

    Does It Help To Be Cna

    I don't believe that it will help you get accepted to your school of choice. Nursing schools now are looking at GPAs mostly among a few other things. However, if you have the extra money for a CNA certification course, I'd say go for it! Working as a CNA would definitely help you once you enter into nursing school and once you have your first clinical. You'll will feel much more relaxed in the clinical setting, and you'll be able to prioritize and organize a lot easier. Don't worry if you decide against it. You won't be the only one in nursing school with no experience. However, you probably won't be able to get a student nurse job until you've completed at least two clinical rotations with one being in Med-Surg.
  8. catherine_cardella

    Best Oncology Jobs/Centers for RN

    Karmanos is really cool. I work there as a student nurse right now and I love it! Check it out... www.karmanos.org
  9. catherine_cardella

    Clinical sites - any opinions?

    Hutzel does seem like a great place for OB, but I heard some horror stories about the nurses and physicians there. Parking may be an issue depending on where they assign you.
  10. catherine_cardella

    Wayne's Clinical attire

    Essentially, the pants are scrubs, but the school is more concerned with the top. You can either have a plain white polo or the button-down, short-sleeved white jacket. I'd stick with nude underwear (no thongs!) just to be on the safe side. When you go to your orientation, make sure you buy more than two of the green uniform patches. You'll probably use only two for your first clinical, but you'll definitely need more than that during your second year. You actually DON'T want to bleach the white uniforms. 1) After so many loads, the bleach does start to degrade the fabric, making it thinner and weaker (as if the pants aren't thin enough!) 2) You'll have the green patches sewn on one of the sleeves. If you bleach it, the green fades to a nasty color.
  11. catherine_cardella

    Wayne's Clinical attire

    Just go out to a Life Uniform shop and buy whatever white pants you can find. They do have petite/tall and plus sizes too.
  12. catherine_cardella

    Wayne State University

    I'm so happy for everyone who got into the program. Now the hard work begins... SCaregivr is totally right. From this point on, it's gonna be a love-hate relationship with the school. Email me if anyone has any questions or wants details as3163@wayne.edu.
  13. catherine_cardella

    Wayne State University

    If you were accepted, the online application will say something like "Fall 2008: Admit".
  14. catherine_cardella

    Scrub Colors!

    At Karmanos, they let us wear whatever color we want, but the rest of the DMC facilities have to wear specific colors (RNs = navy, PCAs = burgundy, etc.)
  15. catherine_cardella

    Wayne State University

    I couldn't tell you the exact differences between the 2-year and 4-year degrees. I know there's a few more classes that need to be taken with the 4-year program. I'm pretty sure that Wayne State does NOT accept transfer students who are in the middle of a nursing program at another school. If you decided to complete the HFCC program, an option for you at Wayne State would probably be the RN-BSN degree. That's for nurses who completed the 2-year program at other schools and would like to complete their BSN degree. You'd have to have taken your NCLEX exam and have an RN license though. I don't know the details for that program, but I figure that it's worth looking into.
  16. catherine_cardella

    Wayne State University

    I did take all my pre-reqs at Wayne State, but there are many students in my nursing class who did complete most of the pre-reqs at a community college. My science GPA turned out to be 2.9 and my overall GPA was a 3.2. The big thing that they want to see is that if you are disciplined enough to get through these heavy duty science courses with good grades, then success in nursing school will be almost certain for you. And believe or not, your behavior and how you represent yourself dictates a lot to these people. In the fall, there was a student who was given multiple expulsatory warnings for her inappropriate behavior (telling inappropriate jokes and stories, false accusations of other students/professors, etc.). It's like the professors and instructors are watching your every move. Sometimes, your own fellow students will turn on you also. So watch out! I definitely suggest that you meet with one of the admissions officers and keep in contact with them throughout the process. It's a way they can get to know you. For those applying for Fall 08, my guess is that you should know the verdict through your online application account around June 6th or 7th, and the official letter of acceptance will be sent aroung June 13th or 14th. That's based on the dates when I found out (yes, I will always remember those dates, they are historical!!!) Once you are accepted, you'll have to attend a mandatory orientation which will be at the end of June or the beginning of July, based on where your last name falls in the alphabet. I want to wish everyone good luck and see you in the fall!