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  1. promise2

    How much

    hi! from what I remember in my university(level 3 accredited-deregulated status), ASHE courses includes all the general requirements/ subject requirements required from those with the BS courses related to health field. For student nurses, they will have to complete subject courses which include subjects with pre-requisites needed before one could enter the clinical years. a student should finish it for the first 2 years depending on the load he/she receives, then he/she can receive the ASHE certificate. Thus,upon completion, if a student decided to continue his BSN courses, he can formally enter the clinical years. That would mean he/she could begin the formal study related to his/her major course. So, if she is finished with her ASHE course, that would mean by the summer or the next clinical years, she could then finally begin her junior year. hope this helps.:)
  2. promise2

    How much

    I absolutely agree with what you are pointing out here lenjoy03. :) actually, most or almost all of the post here goes to the same similar points. I like what you've shared especially your ideas of saving some pocket money too for her basic/school needs. I for one, did that...:) In my recent posts, I am also drawing the line that her behavior is quite different compared to mine, and esp. my husband and some of us here.. including those others who have been a product of someone's goodness indirectly by stating our own personal experiences. Since, Mr. Sponsor is coming from a different culture or background, each of us who has contributed here is giving him a scenario on which he could based where he would start or at least, have some basic idea coming from the nationals of the country itself. I have drawn mine based on what hubby and I experienced, and I modestly hope that my input can be looked upon on the two sides of the line as well. While I am giving Mr. Sponsor his freedom to look at closely with the real situation that is happening between her and him, I am also hoping he could see the other side of the road by hearing our inputs as well. After all has been shared, I think Mr. Sponsor could definitely tell or perhaps conclude what is right and what is not the right thing to do. Which behavior of her is proper and is questionable. I agree, that 20,000 is tooo much... asking extended help for her family is probably nonconservative as well, more so, asking for a laptop and a cellphone. But as you can see, I've stated that even in my own experience, I have to teach myself to be thrifty/ be wise-spender to save some money for my needs way back then, I didn't have my own computer until I was in 4th year and hubby tried to save my working part time by any means.... all of these boils down to finishing college by helping my mom(financer) vice versa as well. I didn't ask her for extras except if I really needed too.... and hubby did the same also with his sponsor. What I'm telling is its really up to Mr. Sponsor to go all the way by giving whatever she asks or teach her early to learn proper values by setting limits as well... it'll be nice of him if he could give her what is appropriately enough and not too lavishly granting her every request. That's why knowing first hand how much is really the cost of her financial needs is really the top priority. At the end of the tunnel, truly educating someone is not just by sending him/her to school. The character of the person has to be molded properly first so one could properly set his mind to study. we have been always told to teach a person so he could learn to live for a lifetime not just for a day. "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life." "if you want milk, feed the goat." Nothing in life comes absolutely free. We have to earn it. As I've said earlier to Mr. Sponsor, Whatever it be, she should learn to respect whatever is it that is given to her. She should learn to be grateful and if she really needs extra money, there will always be a way if she is honest in her dealings. Most of us here are here today because we earned our way here and ultimately deserved it... I know Mr. Sponsor you are wise as well, and you will know the best way to handle the situation by knowing relevant infos coming from concerned people here:) God bless :) and thanks for sharing again:)
  3. promise2

    How much

    Some clarifications/additions, I would just like to add that monthly expenses maybe different depending on where she stayed at especially at present time. Is it a city or a province? Obviously, its more expensive in the city especially in Manila. However, living in the province doesn't also necessarily means inexpensive simply because since the nursing course has boomed this year, many schools have raised their fees in somewhat unbelievable cost anywhere in the country and added to that, many schools also has added extra fees allocated for whatever reason as long as they could have additional funds and profit for the school so its a matter of being informed. I forgot to say that hearing her asking help for the rest of the family is over the edge esp. if happens usually. Maybe you could check out if it really is true and its up to you if you want to extend your generosity with the whole family but you can always set your boundaries to her. About the laptop, a student nurse will generally have a great advantage if he/she has one. So many paper works/projects needs to be done so she will benefit if she has one on her own...there are a lot of cheap laptops in the US/thailand but I don't know in the Philippines if you can buy a cheap one... most likely a cheap laptop in the Philippines are overpriced so if she's resourceful and thrifty enough to save money from the monthly expenses you could give her, she could get a laptop and even her own cellphone. Or if you're generous enough, you could give it to her for free, without her having to work for it or have a hard time getting it. (I did finally have my own desk top when I was in fourth year college-desk top is cheaper and more affordable in my case, but before I have my own computer, I used to type and print my projects/paperworks in internet cafes found along the streets-I remember staying up until midnight just typing and eventually printing projects) ahhh...those were the days... laptop is handy and u can bring anywhere.... Anyway, your decision and gift of giving to her is what matters and she should learn to respect you for that no matter what it is.:)
  4. promise2

    How much

    hi Mr. Sponsor, I agree with everyone that you should ask the school's administration for the exact amount to pay for the one you are sponsoring. My husband is a product of someone else's generosity as well. Back in college, he took nursing as a second degree for 3 years and he was sponsored financially from someone in the US for 3 years. However, his sponsor just paid for the exact amount of tuition by sending it directly to the school's bank account. He has given him the school's treasurer/accountant's office number to converse personally how much he needed to pay for his tuition.He has provided for some of his books, and occasionally sends him some pocket money but my husband told me he never ask anything more to him and is just grateful for what his sponsor gives him. My husband is kind and is offered by a faculty in the same school for a free board and lodging plus, he also finds a way to earn some money for himself. I can see your very generous, but it seems talking directly from the school's admi is the best thing to do. Ask for the financial breakdown including the board and lodging if the school have it inside or you can have the official receipt be sent to you directly from the landlord or landlady where she stayed in. 20,000 a month is way too big for a college student taking up nursing. I remember, staying 3-4 years ago in manila, my mom used to give my sister and I averagely 16,000-20,000 pesos-that money for the two of us already- and we are staying in the condo(12500/month) no transportation allowance going to school since we chose a place 5mins. walk away, except for spending some fare on weekends going to our province 80 km away from manila and going around the malls if we just want to hang out there. But we are so wise on our spending since money is hard and we know that. We don't want to burden our mom. the rest goes for our food and little fancy needs or books if needed. I also buy 2nd hand book if its available. We try to save or consume whatever is given to us. Well, I've shared some info about us...hope that helps! I am glad to know there are people like you who are kind enough and willing to help and reach out to others. I, for one dreams of paying it forward...for the generosity of my mom, and the kind people who have helped my husband finished nursing as well. I am looking forward to send can't afford students to school when I am able and stable already in the future. May God continually bless us all! have a fantastic 2008!
  5. promise2

    transfer of NCLEXresult

    hi fruity! happy new year:) i hope you receive a confirmation from the ca bon soon! i'll be praying for you! were you able to call them to check them out? maybe, it's because of the holiday but i do hope office hours has resumed again by now. i have some great news to share! i was supposed to send my personal letter of request for an extension to ca bon or( any option they could consider for me) today thru ems, but when i checked my email, voila! the secretary of my lawyer have sent me the letter of extension for one more year sent by ca bon. (i've told them my predicament 2nd week of dec.) she sent me the complete letter of the ca bon thru email so i would personally see it. i'm so glad! i am hoping to apply to vt and sent everything today, including the verification of license to vt but this was great news to me..at least i feel quite relieved... i also wrote to vt and asked them something almost 2 wks ago, and they haven't responded until today as well. maybe, ca bon will be open again by now... anyways, for some info about vt, sandy swenson of vt bon responded me thru email this: no we do not need your school documents if you have the cgfns certificate. just attach a photo copy of the cg certificate, copy of your nursing license to the application and fee and that’s all we need to process your application. hope it helps! i hope things will work out for you too fruity! god bless always:) don't weary and i hope things will work out well for you:)
  6. Yes lawrence, thanks for the suggestion. I have written the Ca BON like 10 mos. ago if there is something we can do about my expiring file, but the licensing analyst respond and told me to contact them again 3-4 mos to see what help and options will be available for me. I've looked into that and hope for some way. Anyways, I will apply asap to VT and hope for the best. I wonder why I haven't done this before. Now I learned to contact those people who can really give the right answer. Before, I don't have any idea about this. Now, I learned to call, write, email the boards or those institutions I am directly applying too. In addition, I am still blessed to have found this forum with nurses who really helps or guides others on what to do. I think a lot of people/agencies/lawyers are misinformed or else, they can't advice the proper thing to do sometimes, until nurses like me who don't know what to do are left sandwich by this series of unfortunate events. As you see, I could have been there already in the land of green pastures as I have been approved in my first petition way back 2005 but since the lawyer who process my papers don't turn out to be a reliable help to me, I was stuck until I moved to another employer with reputable law firms. Well, I won't deal with those sad memories of how past events turned out for me. I am trying to be more patient and I still believe that God works in mysterious ways. Way back, and actually until now, most of the people around the country or where I've been don't know what to do and too sad, many are misguided. As you see, so many agencies fool their nurses too. It's a great relief that people here in this forum takes a step ahead to help nurses who need to be informed. Thank you very much:)
  7. thanks silverdragon!!! You made it possible for me to have an idea to do it simultaneously. Yes, I thought why not now? I would submit a request for extension and another letter to the Ca BON so they could transfer my NCLEX results to the Vermont- I think its the easiest state to apply considering I have 3 months to do it. ..I will act on it this coming week and I hope things will work out eventually for me. I've been reading previous post similar to my problem and all of you guys are fantastic help! thanks a lots!
  8. promise2

    CA-NCLEX expires this December!

    Thanks Suzanne!!! I hope to send a letter to the CA BON for an extension today:) and see how it goes. Since I have 3 months left, I hope to have an extension then later, transfter or apply to another state. Thanks a lot for the infos:)
  9. Hi Blue Sapphire! :welcome: again!!! being blue is cool after all:) hehe... anyways, thanks for sharing this. My case has just been approved so it's still really going to be tough for me. Since there's 3 months to go, and I don't have much idea where and how to transfer to another state, I hope to write the BON as well for an extension too and then, if needed, I may just do the transfering after I was given an extension. I think I would have enough time to do the transfering for a year, than now, which is only 3 months... I will try to do this asap and see how it goes. For how long did you wait for them to answer you? Were you able to receive an letter stating an extension? thank you very much!!! I am writing today so it could get there in time:)
  10. promise2

    CA-NCLEX expires this December!

    Hi Suzanne! I have written CA BON 10 months before my CA NCLEX license application expires to ask them anything I could do about this and they told me to write them again 3-4 months before my validity expires so they could tell me what options to do next. Now, I've written them a couple of weeks ago twice already to ask them about this matter but until now, they haven't replied yet. Anyway, I would like also to ask you if you have any idea how do I ask CA toforward my passing score to a state that issues a license before my file gets destroyed. Do I email or write them personally? and to whom or where do I address it? Thank you very much!!! Your a great help:)
  11. promise2

    transfer of NCLEXresult

    Thanks Suzanne! I am thinking about this and trying to figure out what to do next. I have 3 months to do extend or reapply. I am considering writing the CA BON myself for an extension, then once I have extended, I would do next is to transfer to another state so I have ample time to do it. What do you think about this? By the way, I really appreciate your suggestion and I look forward to hear from you. Thank you very much!
  12. hi red sapphire!!! its so nice of you to share that valuable information. Foremost, I could be relieved once I've had mine extended. Can you please share with me where or to whom did you address your letter. It seems you send by mail rather than email, right? Did you ever pay an amount for an extension? Thank you very much for your response.have a good day and God bless!!!
  13. promise2

    Nclex Poll For Filipino Takers/passers

    how many questions you had on your exam? 76 questions what did you use as a review material? i have read saunders, gapus review books, kaplan books, and answered saunders and kaplan cd practice tests... enrolled in a review center or home study? i home studied for 2 months and reviewed in kaplan for 3 months percentage of topics youre very familiar with on the actual nclex questions? i'm kind of familiar with almost every topic i've had it studied or at least have go over with it during my review... but during that time, i just think or told myself to remain focus and if i encounter confusing questions with tricky answers, i just try to answer it not more than a couple of minutes. i don't stay very long. yeah, i have to go on quite nervous too as the clock is ticking. what did you feel after you finish your exam? it's so fast like i just arrived and suddenly after a quarter of an hour or so i'm done... i can say its easy but its very tricky... really, the questions are easy but the thing is, it seems all the options are the correct answer that's why i have to choose the best answer. that's why its easy and both difficult. after that, i'm quite shocked, nervous and excited. i really can't say if i pass or fail but i am optimistic and i want to stay positive.
  14. promise2

    Texas Service Center Tracker for I-140

    Hi! Glad I've found this thread. I'm also awaiting for the lifting up of retrogression... anyways, i have also this SRC.... numbers... PD is March 19, 2007 Approved- Sept. 10, 2007 I asked my lawyer how's it going and she says they will continue on my filing once the retro is lifted up. I'm waiting and hoping for some good news this 2008... by the way, merry christmas and a happy, joyful new year!!! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! God bless everyone:) let's keep our hopes high!
  15. promise2

    Packet III:Change of civil status PLS ADVICE

    I got married too and I have changed my name in my license, passport, but my NBI clearance is still on my maiden name. DO you think I have to changed it too? thanks very much! Im bothered by this.
  16. promise2

    Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To All!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!! Glad to be in this site:)