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  1. I am hesitant to write this post because when I do it will be a dead give a way to who I am to my fellow students. Your post stood out to me because I recently went through the greatest worst event I could have imagined. I am a senior nursing student and my son was killed in a car accident six weeks ago. A week later my husband lost his job. I decided I had to go back to nursing school. I have four other children at home who lost their brother, and I am trying to keep my head in school. The point is, you have to go on. I wish you could go to another hospital. From my own experience I have realized that sometimes we just have to get back in there. My first day back I was on critical care rotation, three weeks after my son's death, after spending about four hours in the ER with his body. I had to force myself through every minute of the first couple of weeks. Then, the last day I had clinical I realized that I made a difference being there for people. It was such a satisfying feeling. I know that I don't have to deal with the animosity you must feel for the people who were so negligent with your father, but there is a reason that you are in nursing. You can affect so many people for good with your experience. You can even improve your workplace. I hope that you will find the power in yourself to do that. I hope that someday you will be able to look across the cafeteria at those nurses and doctors that you feel so angry toward and smile, because you will know you are better. I myself, do not like wearing defeat. Good luck.
  2. Learn2Nurse

    Rogers State University

    You should pm me because I have experience with OU. I am kind of wondering if the advisor you spoke to is a former OU teacher who had bad experience. I will tell you right now that RSU is excellent and they say that you will know what you are doing when you graduate. I have only worked with one RSU nurse grad since I have been a student and she was great. I have worked with many OU nurse grads and they were incredible as well. I don't think you learn to be a nurse so much in nursing school. I think you get that after nursing school, no matter where you go. There is an incredible amount of info to learn.
  3. Learn2Nurse

    Langston University

    At the risk of offending people I will tell you that I tried the school you mentioned two years ago. I was so excited because I thought I would get a great experience there. It was the worst experience I ever had. I've heard lots of good about other programs at their school, and everyone in there business office was extremely professional. I have to say that. But-after a couple of classes I came home and told my husband I would not go back. I RAN to RSU to continue my bio degree. Then applied to OU. I am going there now. I never applied to RSU's nursing school but they are excellent. It would definitely be worth it to apply to their program. I believe that the average for those accepted to OU has been around 3.6-3.8. Did I mention how glad I am that I switched schools? Like IWILLACT said, call Rogers and talk to them. There are a couple courses they want you to take there, and it also depends on the length of time that has passed since you took your sciences. You will have to take their Dose/calc course for sure the year before you apply, and you may want to get pharm out the way early. Call OU too. They will probably tell you you have a chance if you have raised your gpa so much.
  4. Learn2Nurse

    Hiring freeze?

    Destin05, Don't you have recruiters coming to your schools to talk to you? We have them at our school every month. They always tell about the job market, salary, shift difs, scholarships, and externships. I also notice a lot when I am on clinical about how the staffing is. Every time I have been to clinical the floor has been full with new admits coming in as soon as someone is discharged. It seems like the nurses are always overwhelmed and they are always calling in one or two nurses to help. In fact, a couple of times we have joked that we don't know how the floor survives when we, the students, aren't there.
  5. Learn2Nurse

    Tulsa Nursing Opinions! Please!

    If I were you I would transfer to Rogers now. They will require you to have Dosage Calculations from them to apply. They will look at this. You can take it in the spring that you apply. You will also be required to take their philosophy, their micro, and I think their A&P. As of last year they would still accept the combo A+P but to do their bachelor program you must have a separate physiology. The bachelor program is only for people who are already RNs. And yes their program is awesome. I have heard its tons better than TCC. I have taken courses from a couple of the instructors in the nursing staff and they are great. Their program is organized and I would do it if I were you. The only reason I didn't apply their is because I wanted to go straight to my bachelors degree. I also had too much done to go in to an associate degree program. The only problem I would foresee for you is that the micro and A+P courses might be full. They started classes yesterday. So, call the nursing dept their today and ask to see an advisore asap and go over there. Bring a copy of transcript for them to advise you and even if you don't transfer now, you will know better what you want to do.
  6. Learn2Nurse

    Should I go ahead and apply....

    Good luck to you!
  7. Learn2Nurse

    Should I go ahead and apply....

    Okay. I see where it says that you have to have 30 completed to apply but that is assuming that you can get all of them done by that fall when you start. I don't know if you are applying to Tulsa either. Talk to an advisor though. They may be really busy right now because they might have a lot to do to get all the incoming students ready, but they are always very helpful. I have never talked to anyone who wouldn't bend over back wards to answer my questions there. I did take A+P separately. When you go to this link, there is an astrick next to the A+P requirement and at the bottom it says that it is recommended to take separately. http://nursing.ouhsc.edu/academic_programs/Undergraduate/Traditional/admission_requirements.html
  8. Learn2Nurse

    Should I go ahead and apply....

    Oh- I believe it is much more than thirty hours that is required.
  9. Learn2Nurse

    Should I go ahead and apply....

    Yes! Apply. You don't have to have everything completed until the summer before you enter the program although they prefer for you to finish during the Spring before. Talk to an advisor and go to the application workshop that they will be offering. If you can't actually get there to talk to someone you can send a transcript to the advisor and they will do a check and tell you if or what you are missing. When you apply in January you will be judged on what you have already completed because you will send an official transcript and you will also send them proof that you are enrolled in the classes that you lack. I am starting the program this fall so I have been through it recently. If you have anymore ?'s you can also email me.
  10. Learn2Nurse

    Ou tulsa fall class schedule

    i am also going to be at the tulsa campus. i would love to find anyone who is commuting from around the owasso area that might want to carpool or study. this may be premature and i know this is online so no one wants to meet any weirdos but if anyone is interested contact me via pm. mod note. please do not post email addresses as per terms of service
  11. Learn2Nurse

    Ou tulsa fall class schedule

    Do most students bring laptops to lecture or is it old school pen and paper?
  12. Learn2Nurse

    Ou tulsa fall class schedule

    Tell us more about the community clinicals and how that works. Thanks in advance!
  13. Learn2Nurse

    Intense course load

    I took Chem 1 twice and had a c each time. I love chemistry but I couldn't get all of the work done because of my other courses. Thankfully those are my only c's and I did get in to OU. I don't know what other courses you have left but a good strategy might be to take Anatomy and another pre-requisite in the fall and take chemistry the semester you apply.
  14. Learn2Nurse

    Intense course load

    How are you at math? Some people could do it but it will be so hard. I wouldn't suggest it if you are working full time. Then again maybe you will manage your time especially well because of the pressure. Can you take one this summer?
  15. Learn2Nurse

    Did anyone apply for RSU fall 2009 program?

    Congrats! I know you are excited.