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  1. sueb

    Any tips for new nurses in LTC?

    Congratulations GatorLPN...in my opinion you will be involved in one of the most satisfying areas of nursing. You will put in long, very challenging hours. You will be rewarded a hundred times over, everytime you go home at the end of your shift (or later) and know that someones life was made better today because you were there!
  2. sueb

    concealed medicines?

    If the patient is alert and oriented they absolutely have the right to refuse. However, if the patient is confused, disoriented with a diagnosis of dementia he/she is probably in no condition to make the decision that he/she doesn't want them. These patients do not always know what is best for them. We hide meds in food all the time. Just be sure that you are the one to give them. Do not let anyone else do it.
  3. sueb

    Time Heals???????????(long)

    I am so so sorry for your loss.This is a difficult time of year. I hope you can find peace with this.
  4. sueb

    Disturbing Nursing Home Story

    Oh please. Reading this kind of stuff really makes me sick!!! Having worked in a lot of nursing homes I KNOW that the majority of them are GOOD! The media loves to pick on the few that have problems!!!!!! Yes, nursing homes have problems, they are understaffed as are hospitals. But I would rather be in a nursing home than a hospital!! Yes pts. in nursing homes are dehydrated and ?malnourished. But it's not because we don't try to get them to eat or drink. Sometimes they just REFUSE and they refuse for long periods of time..and interventions are taken. Yes, pts. in nursing homes have bruises. They are not caused by mishandling. Elderly pts. have fragile skin and this is usually documented. The Media loves the hype!!! I could go on and on, but i'm sure you see my point. Yes, there are a few bad nursing homes but the majority are very good and I would not hesitate to place a loved one in them (or myself for that matter)! Oh and I need to add that the majority of bedsores that nursing homes see are the ones that come to us from home or the hospital!
  5. sueb

    Need info please!!!

    Sorry everybody...I hit the wrong button before I was finished! Oh how I hate that. Grrrr! Anyway, I guess that's about really it for the questions for now! I'm looking forward to your responses! Thanks in advance!! Sue
  6. sueb

    Need info please!!!

    Hi all travel nurses, This is an area of nursing that I am considering...I am an LPN with 20 yrs experience...mostly geriatrics and have been contacted by several travel companies recently! ( I filled out on-line applications.) I have a few questions I hope someone will answer.. !) Obviously nurses need to be licensed in the state they are working in. Having just recently moved and transferred my license, I know what a long drawn out process this can be...it can take 8-10 weeks! How do you get around this problem. Are some of you licensed in like every state and do you do this way in advance. If I were offered an assignment say in FL, are they going to wait the 8-10 weeks it takes me????? I don't think so! 2)Can I take my hubby with me???????? 3)Do they pay for your transportation to the area. What about an assignment like Hawaii(which I have been offered)??Will they pay for my flight over there and then rent me a car, or would I be on my own for transportation once I got there!
  7. sueb

    Another Thread for Gas-Passers

    This is about the funniest thread I've come across in a long time! :roll :rotfl: Thank you for making me laugh! Oh, and yes, I have all of the above as well! :rotfl:
  8. sueb

    I Don't Think So!

    I'm pretty certain NO CALL, NO SHOW is NOT grounds for losing your license. It may get you fired from your job, but it is not the same as abandonment!
  9. sueb

    lpn-rn...same difference

    healingtouchRN...I do agree with you that there is a huge difference between RN and LPN as far as studies go,but I know plenty of LPN's who work in critical care.
  10. All I can say is this... if your BON or nurse practice acts allow you to do things that you are not comfortable doing and your employer WANTS you to do them, then you better learn to do them comfortably or get another job.
  11. Personally, I am for doing anything my license allows me to do.I believe the more skills I have, the more valuable I am. If I then end up doing somebody else's work because they are taking advantage....well then I guess I'm the stupid one!
  12. sueb

    Florida Hospitals

    I graduated from FL. Hosp. School of Practical Nursing back in 1979. It was one of only a handful of private practical nursing schools left. I loved my program, I believe I got an excellent education and I think the Florida Hospital Systems are great. I only worked for them for a short time before I moved out of state but had no problems. They are run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and religion is a big part of who they are...you DO NOT have to be SDA to work there or even be religious for that matter. I say "go for it".
  13. sueb

    A nurses poem- for those who haven't read it yet

    This is beautiful...you made me cry..and I'd like to thank you!Oh how many times have each of us felt this way and could never put it into words.
  14. sueb

    People complaining about WAGES!!!!

    I am an LPN with over 20 years experience and I was just offered a job in South Carolina at a measly $14.00 an hour and thats with no benefits. That is less than half the salary I made in CT. I am sick about this!
  15. sueb

    Agency nursing in SC

    I was wondering if there are any agencies in the Myrtle Beach area.I just moved here and the phone book lists mostly home care. I'm interested in staff relief. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  16. sueb

    LTC Drug Addicts

    Wow...this is a great thread and I must add my 2 cents worth...I know nurses who will RUN down the hall to give an Ativan or Xanax to a patient who is simply talking too much for their liking,but who would make someone waits hours(literally) for a pain med. Makes me really angry!!!Grrrrr!