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  1. aye caramba

    Good Looking Enough to be a Nurse?

    are you serious??? you can't really believe this, right?
  2. aye caramba

    Have you ever...

    nope but i did fart real loud in front of an old patient thinking she wouldn't no any better. the look she gave me ...........!
  3. aye caramba

    Stupidest reason to go to ER

    oh this one's the best!!!! it made me laugh so hard i almost farted. maybe i should go to the er too. :chuckle:mad:
  4. aye caramba

    Kidney Stones!!!!!

    last june I passed a very tiny thing the size of half a grain of rice. the pain nearly killed me. i sat in the emergecy room from 10 pm until 7am the next morning unseen by a doc. no pain killer, no care at all. they acused me a being a drug seeker. i never even asked for drugs. imagine this pain in a little wooden seat all alone. :bluecry1::bluecry1:
  5. aye caramba

    Oh this !!XXOO!!! "not a good fit"

    just curious. why did you leave your other job? sounded like a dream job. can you go back to it? don't feel bad about getting fired after two months, i got fired after two weeks!! it was pediatrics and i measured a 6 foot tall kid wrong by one inch and i got fired for that!! hang in there, you'll fit in just fine. :redbeathe
  6. aye caramba

    Getting involved with a co-worker

    OH RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!! Don't get involved it will make serious problems and nothing is ever a secret. Every one will find out about it and the gossip will never end. This happened to me. I stupidly got involved with a cna and i am a nurse. Everyone found out, the gossip was horrible and when i broke up with him he harrassed me at the job. When i complained about the harrassment i was told"that's what you get for fooling around with him" I ended up leaving a nice job close to home. :nono:
  7. aye caramba

    really gross doctor

    what do you guys think of this. today i dropped a vitamin on the floor at the hospital during a med pass. the doctor picked it up and ordered me to give it to the patient!! he said it hadn't been on the floor for 5 seconds so it would be ok. he saw me stop it from rolling away with my shoe and thought it was ok! i threw the pill out and he got very angry and said you just wasted a pill. i then shouted back" are you paying for it?" the patient got upset and said this doc must think i'm a dog that eats off the floor. :angryfire:angryfire
  8. aye caramba

    Phobias anyone???

    omg. you steped on a tralantula!! every hair on my body is sticking up!!!!please tell me you were wearing shoes.
  9. aye caramba

    Phobias anyone???

    those ********* spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish they would all die.
  10. aye caramba

    How many females are "peeking" in this forum?

    ok, you caught me. I noticed a little facial hair coming in :lol2:and thought I could sneak in as one of the guys!
  11. aye caramba

    does anyone regret becoming a nurse?

    I've only been a nurse for three years but the things I've seen has got me thinking maybe i should never have become a nurse. It hurts me to said it out loud but I really did think it was about the good of the patients but it's not. It's all about how to make the facility look good. Lost a patient last night because of this craziness. I'l:crying2:l miss her.
  12. aye caramba

    how many patients do you have

    i have 41 patients!!!!!!!!!!!!! all by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! in a psych ward!!!!!! i think i'll go crazy sometimes.
  13. aye caramba

    See if I offer to help YOU again...

    not everyone from ny is that rude.
  14. aye caramba

    I am a male RN, now bow down.

    I love male nurses. I had a male nurse after surgery and he was more compassionate and caring than any female nurse I ever had.AND he was HOT!!!! male nurses rule!!!!!!!!