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  1. hey all. im now a "second year" nursing student, i start back up in august. i had only been in a hospital 2 times before my clinicals, never worked in healthcare at all...so needless to say in those clinicals i was horribly nervous and awkward. so i thought this summer i would get a job to acclimate myself to patient care so i could focus more on school when it started back up instead of worrying about moving people the right way or how to wake someone up well i got hired in at select specialty, an extended acute care facilty where theres tons of vents and trachs, dialysis and wounds abounds. im a nurse extern as of now but i do all aide work. its like learning an entirely different world. ive made dumb mistakes here and there but yesterday was awful. im so disheartened and it makes me wonder if other people have been this dumb i dont know why it was so bad, i didnt think my mind was somewhere else but it mustve been. i put a cup of water in an ntl patients room for one..ugh thank god she didnt drink it as if that wasnt bad enough, later in the day i had a sweet little lady up in a chair, who happened to be on a dobhoff tube, i had to get her back in bed and someone from respiratory came in to help me. i didnt know that he wasnt used to handling people when he offered, so the transfer was a little unsteady. when we went to put her back in, everything seemed ok, so i left. the nurse found me a few minutes later and demanded to know what was wrong about how i just left the patient, i felt like i just ran into a brick wall..i walked into her room and still didnt really see the problem, until i saw that the tape from the tube was no longer on the little ladies nose, but at about chest level down the tube, we had pulled it out atleast 5-6 inches. i was horrfied, managed to maintain myself in the room but then left and lost it, i cried for a good 5 minutes. i have never felt so awful....im terrified of hurting someone and being a stupid nurse. i know i will never make this mistake again...but im horrified thinking about what other mistake i have yet to make... i feel like i dont deserve to be halfway through a nursing program and do such stupid things ... *sigh*
  2. 2bvegannursesFTW

    Getting the RNs to know im an extern :)

    i thought those tasks were out of their scope too...but apparently not in this facility. so i'm a bit confused...it sounds like they want me to do cna work...but i'm really hoping i will eventually be more than that..
  3. 2bvegannursesFTW

    Getting the RNs to know im an extern :)

    i will work 12.25 hour shifts :), with computer classes i believe...my orientation starts monday,ill be orienting with cnas however, not externs,i'm the only extern . i applied to be a cna, but then they told me they had an extern position and hired me in as that instead. i know i cant give meds...but im hoping i get to do more than just cna work
  4. 2bvegannursesFTW

    Getting the RNs to know im an extern :)

    hey all! i'm a survivor of my first year of nursing school (still cant believe it) and after much struggle finally landed a job as a nurse extern at a select specialty hospital. ive never worked in health care before...so that alone has me very nervous. whenever i was in clinicals i got "nervous stomach" just from having to walk in the patients room because i feel so unsure of myself. i'm really hoping this job will help me with that. the thing is, i guess select has only had 1 or 2 other externs in recent years, and i will look the same as the cnas *and doing cna work too of course :)* but i would really like the nurses to know that id love for them to show me the ropes and expose me to anything they could...but i don't wanna be annoying and bother them because i realize how busy they are. how would you like to be approached? i'm very nervous! ps-also..does anyone have extern experience? in my interview i was told as an extern i would be able to place foleys, draw blood and do sugars...but talking w/one of thier cnas, she already does all that. so im a bit confused as to what the difference is...i guess ill try and get it clarified after orientation :)
  5. 2bvegannursesFTW

    Pediatric Surgical/Burn unit Interview!

    hey all! :wink2: my name is devon,i'm up in mi and i am halfway through my adn program (macomb community college). having a heck of a time getting a tech position,but finally got the call yesterday from childrens hospital for an interview. its on the surgical/burn unit. i have no health care experience other than clinical...and i want the experience, and i know its not about me but im a bit scared of my visceral reaction to the first burns ill see..ive never seen anyone who was burned badly in real life. was it hard for you guys on here to get over seeing people in such pain or were you determined in knowing that this was your calling? i love children (don't have any yet) and i think i can be strong for them, but im still a bit worried. any advice would be great,not just for the unit itself but just for the interview as im nervous about that too. we haven't really covered any burn material so far,i know the rule of 9s but thats about it i don't know if they are willing to teach me or not *sigh* thanks for taking the time to read this!
  6. 2bvegannursesFTW

    I am the biggest anxiety nurse ever :(

    hi there, im new to this forum,but its so nice to see somewhere where i can vent and ask people about how im feeling,i hope this turns out ok! lol my name is devon,im 22,and i just finished my first semester of my rn program at mcc in michigan. i had no medical experience,until my first once-a-week clinicals these past 8 weeks,id only been in a hospital 3 times in my life. needless to say i felt kind of lost. im a "worrier" and i always have been,i think i worry about everything...my very first clincal,i forgot to dry under a womans breast (lol i know) after a bed bath and felt sick all night worrying she would get an infection or something because i forgot.. i just worry im going to overload myself from anxiety due to my clincals and id love to know if its not just me...i feel great in lectures, but when it comes to the clincals i feel so incompetant still, im afraid to try procedures for the first time on a helpless patient without anyone there to supervise me to make sure im doing everything ok. then when i get home i just go crazy thinking about little things i did wrong at the end of the day... i flipped out today because i took my patient into the shower room at the nursing home, and then remembered the first day we went there we were told "no students in the shower room with a patient without an employee present!!" i asked the nurse before i did it and she didnt mentino anything....and i just forgot nothing happened, my patient was fine but i wigged out tihnking about it later and ended up calling my instructor as a crybaby mess,worried i would get in trouble....ive just never had to do anything where i feel i have so much responsibilty and it worries me to death ...any advice...i know its pretty bad -_-*!!