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  1. AH1204

    Holding GN papers, legal?

    The program that I graduated from is holding our paperwork from the state for 4 weeks. The last graduating class didn't do so hot on the NCLEX, so they wanted to hold them so we would have to wait longer to take it. I want to know if this is legal. I have a job that I can't start due to this, and I can't schedule my NCLEX until after I start working now. I am thinking of hiring a lawyer and getting some legal advise. Any one else have some thoughts or similar situation. AH
  2. AH1204

    ATI test

    We had to take the ATI program tests for each section with greater than 70% to pass. If we didn't then we had to remidiate the non-proctored test and get 90% within a time frame. I never did the practice tests ahead of time because they can freak you out. They seem to have more difficult questions and you can over-think the questions. Good luck!
  3. AH1204

    NCLEX no stress tips

    I will be taking the NCLEX asap post graduation. I would like to know what works to relieve some of the tension that just going into the test will give me. Did you do something that helped to relax you? Amber:lol2:
  4. AH1204

    Practice Insurance??

    Has anyone found a good place to get practice insurance for yourself after graduation? How much $, what are the stipulations? Anyone that has a good idea for me, I would love some help. Thanks, AH1204