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  1. Krissiana

    What to expect?

    I hope it is okay for me to post this here... you all were SO helpful to me a while back when I posted asking if it would seem "demanding" to request an IV nurse when I'm a difficult stick. Some of you wanted me to update you all on how things are going... I actually ended up having to have 4 colonoscopies and only two were able to be completed because of what they describe as a tortuous colon. And only one of the completed ones was able to really see everything well. And I had a bunch of bad polyps. They did genetic testing and I apparently have Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. Two gastroenterologists and an oncologist have all recommended a colectomy. We have come to a compromise... I'm having all of the colon except the Sigmoid Colon removed...The surgery is in May. And now... well, I'm totally terrified! I just wondered if any of you could give me an idea of what to expect at the hospital. The surgery will be with general anesthesia and also I will have an epidural in for a couple of days afterward. I was told to expect to spend about a week in the hospital. I have a good surgeon, I think... but I also know that nurses have a better idea of what life will be like for me during that week in the hospital! Will I be able to eat or drink? Will there be drains in me and what is that like? I'm not seeking medical advice... just reassurance, I guess...and maybe some idea of what to expect? I'm actually having nightmares at night I'm so scared.
  2. Krissiana

    Detour to coding or HIT

    Hey Everyone! I was working on my pre-reqs for nursing school and due to some medical issues I'm having to take a detour from my path to nursing. I'm so sad about having to shift gears... it's awful. But I also know what I will and won't be capable of physically now. So... I'm now looking at Medical Coding and Health Information Technology. Specifically, I'm choosing between taking AHIMA's Coding Basics course and going through the local community college to get an Associate's degree in HIT. (The college I'm looking at is accredited by AHIMA). I'm wondering if anyone here might have any advice in this area? I'm having a hard time making a decision. My goal is to work in medical coding or tumor registry. I have no desire to work my way up into a management position. I already have a BA in another field, so I'm not sure I really want to go for another degree. But I'm wondering if I'll have trouble finding a job if I just go through the AHIMA Coding program. I like AHIMA's program because it is less expensive and more flexible as far as starting the courses...and it will take less time. But the community college course will allow me to sit for the RHIT...and I just don't know if that will really be necessary to have to get a job. Hmmm... what to do? Anyone out there who can help me with my decision.
  3. Krissiana

    Difficult IV stick - Update!

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to write a quick update and thank everyone again who responded to me about my concerns about asking for an IV nurse since I'm a difficult stick. Thanks to you all, I arrived early for my CT and did ask for an IV nurse. They didn't mind me asking at all... and the IV nurse got the IV in on the first try and it didn't even hurt! It couldn't have gone any better... so thank you all! The guy who did the IV confirmed that I definitely should always ask for an IV nurse and that it would not be considered "demanding." The CT results ended up being inconclusive... only told us that yes, there is a mass in there, but no idea what it is. It also showed a 6-cm ovarian cyst and so I also had an ultrasound. They didn't seem all that worried about the cyst, though. Because of the adenomatous polyps I had and the strange mass, the doctor has recommended that I have surgery to remove the mass and also have a right colectomy. So that is the plan. Looks like I'll be taking some time off from school... I hate that. But better to deal with all of this now while I'm in pre-nursing than later when I'm actually in nursing school. Anyway... thanks again!
  4. Krissiana

    Am I CRAZY to stay in school?

    No... you are not crazy! I've been a stay-home mom for the past several years and my husband is able to support the family comfortably. But now that my baby is ready to start preschool next year, I am ready to pursue some goals of my own. Not because I have to... but because I want to! I could choose to not work for the rest of my life (assuming our situation continues as it is), but I just feel this is something I want to do just because I want to. It sounds as if you feel that way, too...
  5. Krissiana

    Nurses salary vrs teacher's salary

    I've found this thread very interesting. I worked for the public school system in Louisiana... not as a teacher, but as a school psychologist. I have to say that teachers (at least in Louisiana!) are terribly underpaid! I had a Master's degree and my starting salary was $28,000. And the teachers made less than me. And yes, the benefits were good and retirement is good... but a huge chunk of my paycheck went to paying for those benefits/retirement. I also had my checks spread out so that I would be paid over the two months of the year that I didn't work. My take home pay ended up being around $750 twice a month. My pay did increase over the years and when I finally left in 2001 my annual salary had risen to $38,000. But again, my salary was higher than what the classroom teachers were making. And then I would watch what those teachers did (and had to put up with) every single day... all day long. I remember thinking that I just couldn't do it! I do think that teaching must be a calling and there are some wonderful teachers out there who do a great job! Like nurses would say about nursing... until you have actually worked in the system, you have no idea how hard a teacher's job can be. I know that my job as a school psychologist got harder and harder every year as new procedures and paperwork would be mandated. And I took work home constantly. When I moved to the pacific northwest, I didn't even bother to get licensed... I stayed home to be a mom. And now that my baby is almost ready to start preschool, I'm going to school to become a nurse! Hmmm... maybe the grass is always greener on the other side?
  6. Krissiana

    Woud this sound "demanding?"

    Thanks again to everyone for their replies... and also, just wanted to say that I'm not looking for a diagnosis from anyone. Just updating and "worrying out loud" a bit, I guess. The wait really is very hard.
  7. Krissiana

    Woud this sound "demanding?"

    Wow! Thanks so much for all of the great advice and support! You guys are wonderful! Okay, so I will definitely go ahead and let them know ahead of time that I'm a difficult stick and ask for an IV expert. It's funny, I've spent the last couple of days obsessing about how to deal with another IV insertion to the point that I've distracted myself from feeling nervous about what the test is going to show. But then I got a letter from my doctor today. They removed a bunch of polyps during the last colonoscopy (well, it was actually a lower double balloon endoscopy, though I'm not sure what the difference is) and he said he thought they were all benign. But in the letter today, he said they were all adenamatous polyps and we will discuss the "next step" this week at my appointment. I'm even more nervous now! So I have some unknown mass in my abdomen and some pre-cancerous polyps. I'm 41. My mom died of colon cancer when she was 53. I think that fact makes me all the more scared. I so hope I'm fine. I want to start nursing school soon! And I have a 3-year-old daughter who keeps me incredibly busy. No time to be sick! Anyway... thanks again everyone!
  8. Krissiana

    Woud this sound "demanding?"

    I have a quick question... actually I wanted to get some opinions. Here is some background info: I'm a pre-nursing student and after three colonoscopies in the last two months, they have discovered that I have a mass on the outside of my colon that is partially obstructing my colon. I have a CT scheduled on Wednesday. Now, we have found from the three recent procedures that my veins are terrible! I got stuck no less than 4 times each time they tried to insert IVs, and for two of the procedures they had to call an IV nurse to come do it. I did okay the first two procedures, but ended up in tears when we had the same problem when I went in for the third procedure. I was nervous about what is going on with me and tired of the pain of repeated IV attempts. My husband told me that when I go for the CT on Wednesday that I should just tell them right away to call an IV nurse and not let them stick me over and over. But I'm afraid that I would sound like a very demanding, whiny patient and that they probably wouldn't call an IV nurse without doing their own attempts first. I don't want to be "demanding," but my gosh, it hurts when they can't get those IVs in me! So what do you think? Should I tell them to call the IV nurse and not let them attempt? Ugh. I hate this! Of course, I'm also now terrified I have cancer. This waiting is just really hard. Thanks for any advice!
  9. Krissiana

    Investigative Consumer Report for School

    Wow... that is strange that they are doing that! Or is that common to get into nursing school? I've never heard of that... Hope it all goes well for you.
  10. My school also requires the pre-reqs to be completed before getting on the waiting list... except for microbiology. It will take me 1-1/2 years to finish my pre-reqs and then the average wait is 1-1/2 years once on the waiting list. Like you... I hate that wait time! I'm so excited to get into nursing school, it will be hard to have to sit back and just wait after finishing the pre-reqs. On another thread people have given some pretty good ideas of things you can do while waiting... you might want to check it out. Someone mentioned doing your drug flashcards... but I have no idea what to put on those flashcards! Hopefully someone will let me know... Hang in there... it is hard to wait, but I know it will all be worth it!
  11. Krissiana

    Too old for nursing school?

    I just turned 41 and I'm also just starting on my pre-reqs right now for nursing school. I had the same concern about whether I was too old to be doing this career change... but the more I've read on these boards, the more I've noticed that there are actually a lot of people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who are changing to a career in nursing. I also discussed this with my advisor at school, and she said that they have had a lot of older students in the program and that they typically do great! I was excited to hear that. It is a big leap of faith, but so exciting! Like you, I've always been interested in the nursing field. I've told several friends and family members my decision to do this, expecting to be told I was nuts... but have found that everyone is excited for me and thinks its a great idea. It's funny... I've done a lot of things late. Got married at 34... baby at 38... starting a new career in my 40s! But I think it all keeps me young. I say go for it!
  12. Krissiana

    Skagit Valley College

    Is there anyone here who is going through Skagit Valley's nursing school? Or who has graduated from their program? Just wondering how long the wait is now once you finish your pre-reqs? Also would just love any info anyone can share with me about their program. I'm working on my pre-reqs right now and I'm so excited about getting started in the actual nursing program. Thanks!
  13. Krissiana

    What to do while on waitlists?

    Thanks for all of the great ideas everyone is giving. I think I'll look into a Med Terminology course. Also... if I decided to start making flashcards of drugs, what would I need to put on those flashcards?
  14. Krissiana

    Attendance question

    I've heard a few people from different nursing schools comment that they can't miss any classes in nursing school or they will be kicked out of their program. I'm just curious if this is common in most nursing schools. Of course I plan to always be in class... but I also have a 3-year-old daughter and I can't control any emergencies that could come up with her. Just a couple of days ago I had to take her to the ER because she fell face first into a glass coffee table and was bleeding profusely! (She's okay, by the way! Apparently head injuries bleed a LOT and look worse than they are!) If I had been in school when that happened and had to miss class, would that have been the end of my nursing school program? That makes me nervous! I will be checking with my school to see what their policies are... but I'm just curious what it is like in other schools.
  15. Krissiana

    Spring pre-req's!!

    I'll be taking Algebra, Chemistry, a required social science class, and Professional/Technical Math in the Winter/Spring quarters.
  16. Krissiana

    What to do while on waitlists?

    I've been thinking about this same thing! I'm taking my pre-reqs right now... but I will have an estimated 1 year wait after finishing my pre-reqs before getting to start nursing school. My school has a wait list where if you keep your grades up taking the pre-reqs you are guaranteed entrance into NS when your number comes up on the waiting list. I hate having to sit out of school for a whole year... but I also like knowing that entrance into school is a sure thing. I'll probably spend lots of time with my daughter... maybe a take a few courses that might end up being helpful in NS. I also will need to get my CPR certification during that time.