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  1. hi every one,thanks for this information.i am about to start my onp and need information in case i need a student nurse visa to do ONP.I have gotten a school and was told i would be contacted if my visa can be used. Which agency helped you Gailmaries to process all u mentioned.i have critical care nursing experience and hope that i would gain employment with this since its still on the occupational shortage list.i need information abt how to get a student nurse visa i case i am told i can only do ONp with it. Thanks
  2. abiola07

    University Of Brighton -uk

    Hi there,been a long time that i've been on site.pls i would like to know if its the same overseas nurses programme that is mandatory for all overseas nurses,if so how much does it cost and how can i secure a place .I am awaiting my decision letter from the NMC and trying to secure a place for ONP b4 then. :nurse: Abiola07
  3. abiola07

    nursing in England

    You are right Fonenures, about the english requirement in Ireland.I just achieved the score and i have sent my documents and payment to An Bord Altranais today but i am not sure of the employment opportunities for this year since the HSE has set the target to employ within available resources.But however they plan it ,i am positve about getting a very good job by God's grace.I would appreciate if you could send me links to hospitals with modern facilities and standards in Ireland ,and probably any hospital i can apply to once i receive my decision letter:thankya:
  4. Thanks,i have contacted the nursing board in ireland and will begin my registration this month by God's grace.I just need information about the employment opportunities in Ireland. Hope i get more replies to this.
  5. abiola07

    nursing in England

    hi,am also considering registering in Ireland and practising there as a nurse.what i know is that english exam must be written for those outside of EU and once u meet up with the english then u can apply fr the pack to be sent to u which begins the usual processing.Also ,about the employment opportunities ,there has been a ban in employment for months but it has just been lifted but i do not know the job opportunities now bcos the HSE target is to provide employment within available resources.I hope this little information helps.
  6. Hi, I wrote ielts and achieved a score of 7.5 overall and in 3 modules but had 6.5 in reading which was rejected by NMC-UK.I am considering registering with An Bord,Ireland.I would like to know what the current job prospect is in Ireland now that the employment freeze has been lifted.Is it worth it registering with ABA(Nursing Board).I have just received the registration pack and thinking of registering but i need some directions on how to get a job and obtain a work permit.How long does the registration process take in Ireland . Also,i would like to know what the standard of living is and the salary scale as compared to the UK.Can the healthcare standard be compared with the standard in the UK. Thanks:cheers:
  7. abiola07

    nursing practise in canada

    Thanks RNG 1.I am actually registering with the college of registered nurses of british columbia And have just started the registration. I have 3 yrs experiences in critical care and emergency unit,so hopefully that shouldn't give a problem.I just want to know which organisation i can apply to for employment with my status.
  8. abiola07

    Reply on thread

    Thanks for redirecting me.Sorry am new,I'm not too familiar with the operations of the site yet.Pls i would like to know when nurses chat.Can you tell me how to reply any one who has commented on my thread , how i can give me opinion and ask any other questions. thanks
  9. abiola07

    nursing practise in canada

    Hi every one.I am happy:lol2: that at last i could join this site after several attempt to register.I have found this site quite informative and the discussions enlightening.Am happy that nurses care about each other. I am a nigerian nurse just migrated to the Uk,am planning to migrate to canada to practise nursing.I have started my registration process with CRNBC and trying to get informations on how to get employment with a temp license once am confirmed eligible.I would appreciate if any one could tell me how long it may takes to conclude registration with CRNBC in canada and also if possible link to any employer ,i have tried fraser health but was replied that Uk experience is a criteria and i dont have any experience in the Uk. Any other useful information :idea:will be appreciated.