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  1. NOLATeefus

    You know your a Louisiana nurse when...

    Yeah you right!
  2. NOLATeefus

    Charity NAC1 Study Group?

    Hey Y'all, I attend Charity, day clinicals. Anyone else feeling overwhelmed, anxious, overwhelmed (you get the idea)? I didn't get my grade for the first test yet, but I know it wasn't good. Having a dedicated study group in Basics really helped out, which is something I'd like to put together or join this semester. I live in the French Quarter and have limited transportation, so I'm open to meeting at school also. Best wishes, hope to hear from you.
  3. NOLATeefus

    Nac1 Readmits?????? Please Help!!!!

    Hey y'all--- I just re-enrolled for NAC1, after an absence of 3 years. Anyone who has been out of school for longer than 2 years needs to do a Skills Checkoff. I'm excited but a bit concerned about the Skills Checkoff I have to do the first week of school, comprised of the Basics check-off list. According to my letter, we only have 'one chance' to complete it properly with no assistance or coaching from the instructor, and it's being administered by a NAC1 instructor. Has anyone been through this already? I would like to know what to expect. I'm studying everything to be prepared, but this is a bit daunting. I cannot withdraw again from school, and this is my last chance to get in and complete everything. Thanks in advance.
  4. NOLATeefus

    Charity Jan '08 ACCEPTANCE came today

    Anyone starting NAC1 in January, and purchased the Nurse Pack? If so, can you tell me what's in it?? Thanks!
  5. Just found out that University Hospital (New Orleans) recently discontinued their stipend program for nursing students. Anyone know a New Orleans metro hospital that still offers one? Thanks!
  6. NOLATeefus

    Charty CPR requirement

    The American Red Cross has a great class (CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, which Charity will accept) that they offer at their Metairie office. I believe the cost is $65 and they seem to have excellent availability for classes. Good luck.
  7. NOLATeefus

    Anyone else a NAC1 readmit at Charity?

    Thank you for the info!
  8. Hello All, Just looking for a few suggestions, will most likely be moving to San Francisco proper (i.e. not East Bay) when I graduate...just wondering if a few places stand out in regards to hiring and mentoring new grads? Thanks so much!
  9. Since it's been a while since I finished Basics, I'm (understandably) being required to do a skills checkoff before I begin NAC1, involving vitals, physical assessment, med admin and wound care. Does anyone know what exactly a re-admit is tested on in these areas? Also, if you've been through this process before, please give me some feedback! Private messages are OK. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hello All, I'm a re-admit student who is being accepted where I left off, NAC1. I got the textbook for Basics to study from, but I'm wondering if anyone has a disc for or the material they hand out for your Basics binder? I'd be willing to pay for it! My friends who graduated ahead of me lost all their stuff in Katrina Thanks!!!!!
  11. NOLATeefus

    Charity NAC I Registration

    I'm a re-admit student who did day clinicals my first time at Charity. After working as a CNA during the day AND evening, I have to agree...the later shifts were much more pleasurable and slower-paced. I register January 4th, can't wait to get back!