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  1. essarache

    High School Hopefull

    ok good to know, so if realistically I do really good in community college getting my RN, I wont have a problem entering a RN-BSN program ( even if its online ) my only question to you is, for specialty school later on to get my masters to be a CRNA, would they frown upon taking an online course??
  2. essarache

    does anyone have any wise advice for me?

    im just learning about starting on my path as well, but I can give you everything I know. The quickest and cheapest way to becoming an RN is probably through a community college where you will get an Associates degree ( 2 years )in nursing, that grants you the opportunity to take the test to become a RN. But if you are planning on making more money down the line, you will need a Bachelors degree in nursing to start off, and some experience. Then you can apply to different schools for a specific specialty, like for instance to become something like a CRNA. And again, anyone can correct me if im wrong since im still just learning
  3. essarache

    High School Hopefull

    hi, thanks to everyone who replied. ive been doing some research and it looks like a lot of community colleges around my area have the 2 year degree. my main question is, say if I do exceptionally well in community college do you think I will have a problem transfering to a RN-BSN program? considering my first two years of high school grades? but again, my goal first off is to get into a 4 year college to get a bsn
  4. essarache

    High School Hopefull

    Ok, so I need some advice if at all possible. My ultimate plan in the big scheme of things is to become a CRNA. Im in my Junior year of high school now in New Jersey, and I figured I should start getting really focused and think about what I am going to do with my life. In my freshman and sophmore years, ill admit, I probably didnt do my best school work, but so far in Junior year im a straight A student. In my previous 2 years of high school id say my that my grades averaged up would be like a C+, B- or so.. this kind of scares me college wise. But like I said, so far, straight A's. Im also doing sports this year for extra curricular activites. Now im not quite sure if I should apply for a generic BSN program ( not sure of the competitiveness for colleges ) or should I go to like a community college just so I can get my RN, then work a little and apply for a RN-BSN program ( any advice? I guess to sum my situation up, if everything goes according to plan, if I get a good SAT score and a very good GPA my junior year, do you think I have a chance at my route to becoming a CRNA even though my grades werent that stellar in my first two years of high school?