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  1. jmwlpn2003

    Only floor work as traveling nurse?

    Yes but you have to have experience. 360 Healthcare hire for all types of LTC positions, MDS/Care Plans, DON, ADON ect. You should look them up and call have a recruiter call you. They can get you in the right direction. They are the agency that I've seen the most LTC jobs available. I'm looking to sign with them sometime after the first of the year.
  2. jmwlpn2003

    Turning single parents into nurses

    I'm a single parent with a son who depends on me and me alone for everything. I go to work everyday, pay for our house, our food, our clothing and my daycare by myself. I have never recieved public assistance like TANF or foodstamps or even medicaid. I did however recieve help to go through nursing school from JTPA. I don't think that makes me a bad person or a bad nurse. In fact, I consider myself a very good nurse, and I am thankful for the assistance that I recieved to better my life and my son's life. i do have to say that I am very disappointed that in a profession where compassion for others is considered a neccessity, that so many here have none. If you have no compassion for your fellow man, then how can you have compassion for your patients? What if your patient is in the hospital and their bill is being paid by tax payer money? Do you treat them differently? I believe that as a society we who can should help the ones who can't. By offering those a hand up instead of a hand out will benefit us all in the long run.
  3. jmwlpn2003

    22% MORE Nursing Homes Cited for Serious Violations

    My whole career has been spent taking care of the elderly in nursing homes except for the two years I spent in the mental health care system. I think that nurses who work in the nursing home get a bad rap from everyone they have to deal with, including other nurses who work in the hospitals. It takes a special breed of people to come to work everyday and take the responsiblity for 40-50 residents, 4-5 nursing assistants and medication aides. We are responsible for everyone and everything that goes on in our building. The staffing ratios in Oklahoma are better than they were, but still not very workable. I think for the most part, we give very good care with what we are given to work with.