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  1. Hello...I've posted before about my 12 yr history of problems with med errors (either giving them way late or forgetting them all together), and am at a crossroad of finding other avenues of nursing that don't involve administration of meds. However, I can't help but wonder if having a diagnoses of ADD should allow one special allowances, ie: lower nurse/pt ratio? Naturally, I feel sheepish that it should be included in this category, being that otherwise I am fully healthy. Please forgive me, as my intention is NOT to offend anyone. I really love being an Orthopedic nurse in the hospital where I currently work and would rather not change my career drastically, but am also aware that I took an oath to "do no harm". I would love any insight you could offer...Thanks!
  2. meatloaf RN

    Need Creative Thinker!

    Thank you for your good advice. I do have a template/coversheet for my clipboard that I carry that is intended to organize my day/assessments/meds - the problem is that after the first, AM assessment, I become distracted with "tasks" of looking up labs, finding out what needs to be done for pts' discharges, taking off new MD orders, etc... and rarely refer back to my med "due times"! Having ADD is not easy, I tell ya. After 12 years, I have finally come to the conclusion that overcoming my "deficiencies" instead of utilizing my "natural talents" is useless and self defeating, so I purchased a book called "Strengths Finder 2.0" by Tom Rath that gave me an access code to taking a 30 min. assessment online to help me determine my top 5 strong areas. Very insightful, but what I'll actually end up doing with this info is still up in the air.... Thanks again for your insight.
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    Need Creative Thinker!

    Hello, I have been an RN for 12 years and I am very passionate about what I do and want to continue in Nursing until I retire. I work in a hospital on the Orthopedic floor and love the gradual process of patients' transition from post surgical pain to helping them through their upwardly mobile journey to recovery & discharge home or to Rehab. The one thing that I foresee ruining my career is that I have a h/o giving meds either late or forgetting them alltogether. The three things that contribute to this the most is: poor time management, easily distracted, and just plain forgetfulness. I have ADD and have struggled with prioritizing my whole life. I'm in the process of attempting to create a whole new job (still on Ortho) that would utilize my 12 yr. nursing experience, my knack for great customer service, and possibly some administrative duties that would allow for me to : remain in my current setting, full-time hours, and refrain from giving meds. (for pt.'s safety sake) Any advice????