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  1. Kynlee

    HESI Exam

    Yeah, we get the printouts. I passed with a 920 but it was so hard. I think I'll look into getting that book. Thanks! I have fundamentals reiview and rationales book, which did help me but I don't think I could have ever been prepared for what was on that hesi.......
  2. Kynlee

    HESI Exam

    I took the fundamentals hesi today and it was horrible! The wording was weird and it had stuff that we haven't even done yet. Horrible!
  3. Kynlee


    They just told us that it is a Fundamentals Hesi, I don't any more than that. I sure don't want you to break your confidential agreement, that is the first that I have ever heard about that. Thanks, though.
  4. Kynlee


    Has anyone taken the fundamentals Hesi yet? If so, could you please let me know what it was like? Thanks in advance.....I'm really concerned about it!!!!
  5. Kynlee

    I failed management clinical

    Good luck! I will be crossing my fingers for you. Let us know!
  6. Kynlee

    fundamentals...again! help please!!

    We have Fundamentals 1 and then 2. I am in 2 right now and I agree that Fundamentals is extremely difficult. I believe this is the hardest thing I have ever done. I feel it is not the "grades" that you make, but the knowledge that you learn. It's ok that it took you another go round to tackle the class. Some of us aren't good test takers no matter how hard we try. Just know that you will be a better nurse because you have the courage and the determination to take the class again. Don't let the comment of those other people in your class get you down....I KNOW it's hard....we have those kind of people in my class too.....I wouldn't want THEM to care for me if I was in the hospital.....people who put others down, in my opinion, will not make very compassionate nurses. That being said, you havng in there and do your best and it WILL work out for you! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayer and I will look for the day that you are on here telling about passing the state boards....you CAN do it!
  7. Kynlee


    Would somebody PLEASE send me step by step instructions on how to do a head to toe assessment????? I would GREATLY appreciate it!
  8. Kynlee

    vaccination for nursing student

    I recommend, even if your school doesn't require it, to get the hepatits B vaccine. I went ahead and got the Hepatits A and B which they put together in an injection. It takes 6mths to complete and it is a series of 3 injections. I hope this helps.
  9. Kynlee

    Lab Troubles

    We had to do yet another lab check off without even practicing or being presented with the information until the day of. I need to be able to go over information first before getting checked off but it doesn't work that way in the NS that I am in. I get in lab and then mess up because I don't know the procedure. Others mess up as well, but it seems like I'm the one that is singled out to do the procedure over at a different time. It is really taking a toll on me. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!
  10. Kynlee

    who are nursing students here

    I don't mind at all if you want to interview me as well.....
  11. Kynlee

    A letter to my clinical instructor..

    I Can Relate Very Well To How You Are Feeling! I Had An Incident On Monday With An Instructor Yelling At Me In Front Of Everyone In The Class When Performing Something In The Lab For The First Time That We Had Not Even Done Before And For That Matter, We Didn't Even Go Over It. You Will Make A Great Nurse And Don't Let Anyone Make You Think Otherwise. I Have To Say This To Myself At Times. You Seem Very Caring And Thorough And In My Opinion Should Not Be Condemned For That..... Keep Your Chin Up And I Will Be Praying For You!
  12. Kynlee

    Dumped On

    We had to check off on a lab today that we have never even done before. The instructor yelled at me and made me feel like crap in front of all of the other students. I did my best on the lab and made a few mistakes but so did lots of other people. I felt as though I had been singled out and it is not a good feeling. Most of the people in my class are CNA's or work in the hospital in some fashion, so they have experience. I have no experience and am learning things for the first time. Thanks for reading this. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated
  13. Kynlee


    I am going to my 2nd clinical tomorrow. We got orientated last week and this week we get thrown in. I have concerns about doing the assessment correctly and also the narrative progress notes. Heck, I'm concerned about the whole thing! Any moral support would be appreciated!
  14. Kynlee

    In need of some moral support: VENT

    I fully understand how you feel. I feel at times that it is just too much. Then I think about how bad I want to be a Nurse and all the work I have done to do so. You CAN do this. I got a book that was suggested by a previous nursing student called "Battlefield of the Mind." It has really helped me to change my way of thinking. Good luck and know that we are all rooting for you!
  15. Kynlee

    26 out of 40 Failing Med Surg/Psych

    Good luck Katie....I will be praying for you!
  16. Kynlee

    Failed Math

    Just to let you all know...I passed my retake math test with a 100%! Thanks to all of you who sent words of encouragement....it is appreciated!!!!