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  1. rebecrsgnc

    Any UNC Chapel Hill SON students?

    Maybe even try contacting Chapel Hill directly with your questions about retaking classes? ??
  2. rebecrsgnc

    recent nclex passers

    Try ncbon.com/nclex and you have to sign up with pearson vue
  3. rebecrsgnc

    Neonatal and Masters

    Thanks. Not sure I can answer this right now. I would just like to start on a masters now before my life gets too busy and my GRE scores are good. I've got more thinking to do.
  4. rebecrsgnc

    Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Hi, what school did you attend to get your MSN in perinatal nursing? Did this also include the CNS or how did you get that? I'm just beginning the search process and am curious. Thanks!
  5. rebecrsgnc

    Neonatal and Masters

    Thanks! I'll look in to Clemson. I just heard CNS's aren't as popular any more and the shift is to move away from them so I wasn't sure this was what I should pursue...
  6. rebecrsgnc

    Neonatal and Masters

    Thank you. That is something I will look in to. I know it's starting up at UNC-Chapel Hill (near my home).
  7. rebecrsgnc

    Neonatal and Masters

    Hey, I would like to get my masters and still work in a NICU, but I don't think I want to be a NNP because I like being at the bedside and working with patients and families directly. Are there other master programs out there besides NNP (and Education) that would meet my interests? I just don't know. Thanks!
  8. rebecrsgnc

    Accelerated BSN - UNC vs Duke

    Hey, Congrats on getting in to Duke! I got in to Duke, but not UNC's two year program. I decided to attend a combined BSN / MSN program so I can't comment on Duke. But as Carolinapooh said, I do remember Duke saying, we could get $33,000 ($11,000 per year) if we worked for them. That is very appealing and makes both schools comparable in cost. If you really liked Duke, I say go for it. I fell in love with Duke and wish that had convinced me enough to go (rather than my drive to get my masters fast). Good luck!
  9. Hey, I would maybe call some programs that sound interesting to you and see if they still have spots or are still accepting students after the deadline. I called one such program and they said they were still admitting students depending on space left in particular concentrations.
  10. rebecrsgnc

    North Carolina Roll Call

    Hey, sorry for the slow response. I'm at Columbia here in NYC. I can't wait to get back to NC. I'm from Greensboro. NYC is fine, but it's just a different way of life that takes some getting used to.
  11. rebecrsgnc

    ABSN or MS??

    Hi, I'm in a direct entry BSN / MSN program. I also applied to ABSN programs. My goal was to get my masters as fast as I could. But I have had to think many times about what specialty to get my MSN in. In our program, we can change our mind during the BSN part. I've also heard that about half of last year's class is taking at least a year off to work first (and they can return for the MSN when ready). Best of luck - it is a very difficult decision.
  12. rebecrsgnc

    Teaching Hospitals

    Thanks all for the advice!
  13. rebecrsgnc

    Teaching Hospitals

    Hi, What are the pros and cons of working in a teaching hospital as an RN? Thanks!
  14. rebecrsgnc

    NC Hospitals

    Hey, thanks. Well, I was also thinking that we could live midway between RTP area and GSO if I were to work at UNC, Duke, or Wake Med. But I don't know how long term that would be.
  15. rebecrsgnc

    Anyone attending/attended GTCC in Jamestown?

    Hey, I took A & P at GTCC last year (and Bio 111). It was hard work, but the profs. were very supportive and helpful outside of class. I'm in a nursing school now (not GTCC) and took adv. physio. over the summer - I'd say, I was a little weak in my physio. background compared to others. But I feel very good about my experience at GTCC.
  16. rebecrsgnc

    NC Hospitals

    Thanks for the info. My husband works in Greensboro so I'd like to be as close to there as possible and Charlotte might be a bit too far!