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  1. jenw922

    Struggling.....Should I do Kaplan or Hurst?

    I did the Kaplan review and found it very helpful - passed NCLEX with 75 questions. I think both programs are good. You get out of it what you put into it. I think the key is making a promise to yourself to do 100 practice questions EVERY DAY - no excuses. You will eventually start thinking in NCLEX language, which is very different from nursing schools exams. Good Luck.
  2. jenw922

    will universal healthcare ( in the usa) cut RN pay?

    I would not think nurses pay would be cut, compared to many other industries we dont make that much. I do think a Physcians salary or amount they are allowed to charge for services would be cut. Hospital billing is totally ridiculous. However, maybe there malpractice insurance would be reduced and it would offset. It's really the whole system that needs updating : the costs of drugs, medical care and medical testing in this country is completely absurd. Do you really think a dose of tylenol should cost $10 or a 1 week hospital stay for an emergency illness should cost $40,000? Based upon my impression of Obama's speech last night what he would fight for is the restoration of basic human kindness and to hold people accountable for their actions. Based upon his exact words and Clinton's previous presidency the taxes for middleclass would be lowered and salaries would increase. This seems good to me !
  3. jenw922

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    I take NCLEX in 2 days and would greatly appreciate any prayers and/or positive energy anyone can send. I'm very nervous but have done practice Kaplan questions for the last several weeks, I must have done like 3,000 total. So I really know that I have done all I can do to prepare, the toughest part is trying to relax and not let the anxiety get the best of you :-) To anyone still working through Kaplan dont be discouraged by it's difficulty - I have heard it is most like the real NCLEX. Just aim for 60% or higher on the question trainers and QBank. It will start to click. Good Luck to all the future nurses!!!!!!!