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  1. kten03

    ACNP in primary care settings

    Does getting and ACNP degree limit work in the primary care setting?? I'm currently in my second semester of my ACNP degree and have recently connected to holistic care/healing. Curious if my degree will limit my functions if I tend to go this route in the future?? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks :)
  2. kten03

    Vasospasm scare

    I haven't read all the following posts. however, any aneurysm in my opinion should have invasive arterial line and or PA line later in treatment.....regardless of her ability to hold still. I believe you did the best you could with what you were given to work with. :spin:
  3. As gross as it is...i've seen it done. And suprisingly, it worked. Ive only seen it once and it was a last resort when nothing else was working...but by far the grossest treatment in the book! :spin: