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  1. ANP4U2C

    Any UAB NP students/graduates?

    I am a graduate from UABSON MSN-ANP program! I loved the program, which was 100% online (except of course clinicals)! I highly recommend the program as the instructors are phenomenal! I grauated in December, passed boards without a problem in April; however; I am still seeking a NP position. With that being said, I think it is most important to consider what population you are willing to work with to determine what program you want to enter. I chose the Adult program because I knew I didn't want to work with the pediatric population. HOWEVER, throughout my job search, it seems that having a FNP makes you more marketable. Just some tidbits to think about! Good Luck to you all and .........GO BLAZERS!!!!!
  2. ANP4U2C

    OMG...AANP Certification Sample Questions are horrible

    Seriously, I just passed the AANP ANP exam and those questions did me the EXACT same way! Continue to study the Fitzgerald and you will be fine. Those sample questions were ridiculous! Good Luck!
  3. ANP4U2C

    Choosing a NP focus: FNP, ANP, ACNP

    DaisyRN, I am currently enrolled in an ANP program and my plans are to be employed within a Cardiology group doing the same things you are in your group. The only difference is that I am not really set on the idea of having hospital round responsibilites. Do you think I will be okay with the ANP, or would I need ACNP certification in order to make hospital rounds, if the position called for such? Thanks in advance!! P.S.- I know your having a hard time, but thanks for posting the deatils of your dilemma with your new job, it have given me a lot to think about post graduation in December.
  4. ANP4U2C

    FOUND: My Niche... Cardiology!! :)

    Congratulations on your new job!!!
  5. ANP4U2C

    ANP vs. ACNP...quick question

    Hello!!! I am currently enrolled in a MSN program-ANP-Primary Care option. As a ANP, would I be restricted to primary care in urgent care clinics for the adult population, or would I have the option to work with a physician within a practice(Internal Med, Cardiology, Nephrology, etc.). I am asking these things because I would like to work with a cardiologist and I am confused as can be thinking that maybe I should be enrolled in the ACNP option instead of the ANP-Primary care. This is my first semester, so I am trying to gather a little more information before next semester. I am very much concerned about marketability. I am interested in primary care because I like the idea of trying to assist in prevention of disease processes and education of doing so, but I also want to be able to find a job after I graduate. Any information out there that would assist me in this will be GREATLY appreciated, and if there are any ANP's or ACNP's out there, please let me know about your satisfaction as a ANP/ACNP, what your days consist of, and pay ranges:nono:....I know its taboo, Sorry!! Thanks, RN4U2C:balloons: