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  1. NM Kat

    New Mexico for me?

    Hey Guys, I've been in NM for 12 years. If you want any negatives just look around at every city and state in the country, you can find negatives anywhere. You really have to fit your lifestyle and needs with the place you will live. NM has fabulous outdoor sports of every type, except not as many water sports. It is dry here, some say a downside, but I like it. It is brown, red, golden, and BLUE, not green, but I like it and agree with someone who said that it has a unique beauty. At any rate, it is good to EXPLORE! I say, Go For It!! Come here, we need great nurses. Good luck. Keep us posted.
  2. NM Kat

    Roswell, eastern new mexico medical centre

    I know many people at ENMMC, they are great. I'd guess their average daily census runs around 80-100, it is full service, for profit. But seems to run well. Roswell has a thing about aliens, since 50 years ago someone claimed seeing a space ship fall out of the sky. Every year they have a celebration. It is a nice town, people who live there seem to really like it. I'd guess it is about 30,000 in census. Good luck there!!! I hope you enjoy it. People are friendly there, I'm sure you'll make friends quickly. Regards!