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  1. Tips/tricks regarding peds and triage

    Esme, I figured you would post this =) I need to actually remember where I post to be able to copy from previous. =) great info there!
  2. Tips/tricks regarding peds and triage

    If you can, take ENPC, that is a helpful class. Will help narrow down the things you should watch for, true emergencies. Our #1 CC is fever, so for 85-90% of our fever patients, that is something that could have gone to their PCP. Try not to let the...
  3. Conscious Sedation in ED

    Our Procedural Sedation policy is very specific. Defines Anxiolysis/Moderate/Deep sedation differences, including required monitoring, and gets into each drug, and the specific routes/doses that constitute each level of sedation. For example, nasal v...
  4. Cyclic vomiters (drive me up the wall)

    This is exactly it for many of the kids we see with it!
  5. Why can't nurses intubate?

    I know for our Transport team (peds hospital), they are all trained in IO, intubation, etc. I know they maintain tubing skills in the OR each year to keep current, not sure about the rest though?
  6. Preceptorship in ED..any advice?!

    Good point! We have many RNs that started with us as Student Interns, loved our department, applied, and are RNs with us. Home-Grown! =) it can definitely be a good In!
  7. In a Peds ER, this kind of thing is our bread-&-butter. Also love any complaint that has since stopped before bringing them in: baby wouldn't stop crying (as the baby looks up and smiles at me), nose bleed, headache, anxiety attacks in pre-teen ...
  8. shotgun knowledge from emergency geniuses

    US for trauma, looking for free fluid in abd help identify internal organ damage, as either something is bleeding (and how much based on amt of fluid), or perfed bowel leaking bowel contents into the peritoneum, etc. Gives an idea before something mo...
  9. Preceptorship in ED..any advice?!

    Agreed. If you are already a proactive personality willing to take initiative, you will be fine. Get the feel for the flow and pace in your ED, and jump in with what you can, that you are safely able to do. ED is a different beast than inpatient, but...
  10. Rules for Triage

    "Her nose was bleeding yesterday, but it stopped. We just wanted to get her checked today". Smh.....
  11. Nurses dressing up for Halloween

    Peds ER, staff often wear something, but are pretty conscious of it being something easy to remove if in the way of a critical situation. The vast majority of our kids are fine, and live the costumes. Definitely some settings where it would not be ap...
  12. Rules for Triage

    Agreed =) I more often say the same as you, but sometimes ask what is the emergency more because they usually seem to stop for a second to realize "oh, yeah, this isn't an emergency". Probably comes out more when I am to the point of being "over" a...
  13. Rules for Triage

    When I start with "what is your emergency this morning" and the reply begins something like "oh, it's not really an emergency....." Smh I know you are scared about whatever brings your child to me today, but that doesn't require your entire extended ...
  14. Bladder Cocktails?

    When we have to fill a bladder for pelvic US we actually fill while in US, and the tech lets us know when it's full enough. Looks pretty cool on US, can see the fluid swirling like confetti. Works for eliminating guess work. One of my least favorite ...
  15. Cyclic vomiters (drive me up the wall)

    We see it regularly in our ER (Peds only). Sometimes it seems like the diagnosis for "I have no idea why your kid keeps vomiting every week/month/fill-in-the-blank, since every test under the sun has come back normal". At least 1/2 the time it seems...