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  1. albinotoad

    Who does what in the discharge?

    Hello All, I would like to hear about the discharge process at your various facilities. Who does what? As the patients discharge nurse I may have JUST met this patient and am sending him home after a brief assessment and 9 am meds. We give them prescriptions and a discharge packet with instructions on it and go over the prescriptions. How do you know when to send them to a cardiologist or urologist or a wound care clinic? Does your doctor tell your case manager and they set it up? We have had a communication breakdown regarding who is responsible for telling the patient where they need to go and give them the phone numbers for those specialists and referrals. How is the day of discharge handled at your facility?
  2. albinotoad

    7 nights in a row!!!!

    My friend works in Rehab and she does 3, 12 hour shifts a week. And the vibe I get it that its enough. 3 on 4 off not necessarily back to back
  3. albinotoad

    Banner Good Sam

    Hello all. My friend just started at Banner and was hired on the Rehab unit. She moved here from out of state and I don't know anything about Banner or Rehab. Anyone have any experiences with Banner Good Sams Rehab section or any good advice about Banner or Rehab I can pass along? ~:)
  4. albinotoad

    What are job prospects for new ADN grad in Phoenix?

    Thank you Lynn, that is a great idea and I am glad it worked for you!!! I will do that this week. Thanks for the hope!!!!! I needed it!
  5. albinotoad

    What are job prospects for new ADN grad in Phoenix?

    I have since 'revamped' my resume because I heard that some of the programs that you submit your application and resume through screen for keywords on the resume and if they aren't there you are automatically disqualified. Still no bites. No calls even. Not one glimmer of hope. I don't know anyone from my class that has a job that wasn't already working in a hospital as a tech or LPN, CNA etc. I couldn't be more sick of hearing people say "oh you will get a job easy they always need nurses" AND I am pretty sick of the automated rejection notices too. Denied Denied Denied. *sheesh*
  6. albinotoad

    What are job prospects for new ADN grad in Phoenix?

    I can say purely from my own recent experience that the market I am looking at (Phoenix and surrounding areas) is craaaaap. I have my RN, graduated from nursing school in December, current on my shots and CPR etc etc etc....... With no experience I keep getting the "we have decided to pursue more qualified candidates" speech over and over and over again. I have applied to every opening, and had ZERO bites. I have been looking for a month and so far I seem to be unemployable. Just my experience. Good luck!!