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  1. fluffer

    nurse w/HCV

    Thanx, NB. Ps: Ahn, thanx for your reply. I did get it and found the information very useful. I think it would be a great post to share with others if maybe you felt up to repeating it.
  2. fluffer

    nurse w/HCV

    I have been an LPN for 5 yrs. I just graduated from college for my RN (this week). Two weeks ago I was dx w/ hepatitis C. I don't have the results yet from the liver bx. re: progression. I am worried about getting that new job...tell employer, or don't tell employer? I have gotten some imput and the opinions are mixed. If there is anyone out there with a similar situation, i would greatly appreciate some feedback. I currently work doing private duty nsg w/ a homecare agency. I am not worried about getting fired, I know they can't do that, but I was planning on getting a new job, maybe in a hospital. If anyone has experience w/ working in personnel and/or knows about hiring policies, I would appreciate feedback. Thanx.

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