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  1. yankeecamper

    Can Circulating Nurse Sit?

    I work with surgeons who wait for a circulator to sit and then ask for something ridiculous like the "otis" elevator! I try to watch the field, but I will sit when I know they have what is needed and the procedure is going smoothly. Of Course, I keep my ears and eyes open for the unexpected.
  2. yankeecamper

    Conscious sedation

    Our pts are given O2 @ 2L and placed on the sat monitor when they are given IV Versed in our preop. This is a policy written by anesthesia. However, this is not considered conscious sedation. They are given 1-2 mg IVP to relieve anxiety. Conscious sedation is used in our facility only during certain procedures, such as cataract surgery, podiatry surgery, cardioversions, and more. Children are not monitored, but their parents are instructed not to leave the child and the child is in clear view of the staff at all times. If the child falls asleep we would monitor their sat.
  3. yankeecamper

    Preadmission Testing RN's

    Wow, I am surprised at how few people responded to this in two years time. Our surgical services dept. has a preadmissions dept. It is staffed with 1 full time, and 3 part time nurses, and a nurse's aide. They do ALL the preop nursing H&P's, ordered lab work, and EKG's. They have anesthesia guidelines to follow for the appropriate diagnostic testing. On average they see 12 - 18 pts/day. The PAT nurse's have a huge problem with receiving doctor's orders from the surgeons prior to their visit. Do you have the same problem? The nurses spend a couple hours a day on the phone chasing doctors and office staff for the things they need in order to get a chart ready for the day of surgery.
  4. yankeecamper

    Help with unhappy ancillary staff.

    Thank you to acnorn. Some of your ideas are in place already. I like the one about working with someone in another job class. How true the old cliche` about walking a mile in someone else's shoes. I also like the idea of all job classes attending the same staff meeting. I will attempt these. :)
  5. yankeecamper

    Help with unhappy ancillary staff.

    I need some advice. I am a new manager and my RN staff is, for the most part, pretty wonderful. My receptionist and aides, on the other hand, feel abused and and unappreciated by the RN's. From what I am observing and hearing from the ancillary staff, I think the RN's are so close knit and cohesive that they don't realize they are ignoring the receptionist when she speaks to them. I also see that each RN forgets there are 16 other RN's asking the 3 aides to do things and don't realize how busy the aides are. I have an RN staff meeting once a month with minutes recorded, because only half the staff is usually in attendance. The ancillary staff used to meet once a month, but the former manager stopped meeting because it became a B#@%* session. Any ideas?!
  6. yankeecamper

    A little pet peeve

    Fine, when I go to work Monday, I am going to look at the catalogue and see how it is spelled. I thought it was a weitlanDer! At least that is all I have ever heard.
  7. yankeecamper

    Wages - we are underpaid

    Wow! I want to work in W. Va. or Ma.! W. Va, how do they cover emergencies from 7P-7A? I have 10 years Endo/OR/SDSU/PACU experience, and 5 years ICU experience prior. I make 25.33/hr with time and a half for call backs. I get 1.25 to carry the beeper. We take call every 6 or 7 days and every 6th or 7th weekend.
  8. yankeecamper

    I need info from all the PACU nurses.

    We do q5 x3 then q 15 till d/c from PACU. And prn of course
  9. yankeecamper

    antibiotic wound prophylaxis and resistant organisms

    Thanks. Our pts go directly to the OR from the floor, also. We gown up ,etc. We also remove uneeded equipment or supplies from the OR suite and designate a staff person to run for unexpected supplies and place them in the passthru. Have you ever wondered how many pts coming to the OR have MRSA and we just don't know? HMMMM.
  10. yankeecamper

    antibiotic wound prophylaxis and resistant organisms

    Yes, our facility does that. However, ancef is not the antibiotic of choice. I heard of something about bactroban on the nares of colonized pts a few days before surgery, but I have not seen any protocols about this.
  11. Does anyone have a protocol for preop antibiotic wound prophylaxis on pts with antibiotic resistant organisms? I am a PACU/SDSU supervisor and we have had a few MRSA pts return to surgery with wound infections.
  12. yankeecamper

    Question about eating disorders

    I am an RN whose daughter has an ED. Yes, RN's are used in ED clinics and psych units where ED's are treated. One of the best things I think you could do is find an eating disorder support group and share your success. These are usually free or are for a minimal fee. Most ED's are not sufficiently covered by health insurance, and clients pay 50% or more out of pocket. An ED support group supplements therapy and helps others know there is hope and that they are not alone. You can go online and find clinics, hosp., support groups, etc. They are usually in the bigger cities. There is a national eating dissorder association. This might be a good place to start. Good luck.

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