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Just passed my test
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Graduated CNA 1 in 10/07

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  1. xonforefunx

    Ob Tech

    I will be transfered to L&D as an OB Tech - in scrub school/training do they teach you the instruments there? Are there any places i can go to see what some of the tools are used for and what they are called etc. I have a list i found on line but can't seem to find an explanation thank you
  2. xonforefunx


    I have my first job interview at our local hospital. Im not scared of the interview but I am scared of being hired. I am so nervous but I am so excited as well. Would if I can't do the job. Any advice? Also the two units I have a choice of are acute intensvie care or neuroscience. I don't know a lot about this units. Does any one know who can help me understand these? Thank you so much
  3. xonforefunx


    Yeah, I am soooo excited. I took my certification today and i passed. I am soo sooo happy and relieved its all over. Now I have to hit the pavement!!!
  4. xonforefunx

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    Yay I passed my CNA test today. I am sooooooo excited and soooo relieved!!!
  5. xonforefunx

    Freaking Out

    I have another dumb question - I believe we are going to have 8 people testing. Three of which i know were given their skills test time of 4:00. I know I have a 6:30 time so Im sure there are others. But if there is only one tester, why do they have more then two people testing at a time, it doesn't make sense does it?
  6. xonforefunx

    Freaking Out

    I am in NC. For CNA 1 we have to test with Promissor but if we go for NA 2 they do it right at the school and if we pass then they just submit the paperwork into the Registry.
  7. xonforefunx

    Freaking Out

    Thank you so much. I did go to the facility so I can picture it in my mind. Believe it or not I met the Lady who was going to be doing the testing. She looked really mean, but she seemed so laid back so I feel a little better. I am going to practice on my husband, but while he is at work, I have been using Mr. Bear (a.k.a. teddy bear) I wish i would of started doing more of "hands on" then just reading. Hope its not to late, but Im sure every bit helps. You all are great, thank you so much each and everyone of you, I will keep you posted.
  8. xonforefunx

    Freaking Out

    You know you two gave me a great idea. I have been reading and reading but not doing (hands on) Today I took out Mr. Bear to work on. Don't have the things I need but I improvised. I think if I do that from now until next Weds (test on thurs) maybe i can get it in my head. I only do about 8 skills a day (total 24 skills for NC) then I get burned out. But I am going to work my butt off and hopefully it will help. Thanks for the tips. ps Mr. Bear is doing fine lol
  9. xonforefunx

    Freaking Out

    Just got my test date for CNA1 on Nov. 8th. I am now freaking out. I have been out of school for about a month. I went in today to the lab to practice. I just freaked. Couldn't remember the skills, even though I know them. I didn't pull all my supplies I needed for all (24) skills. Then when I had stuff in my hand ie bedpan im just hangin on to it thinking where do i put it, how do i cover up the patient with one hand, OMG i am freaking out. Has this happened to anyone else? I know the skills I really do. I think i flunked even before i start. HELP
  10. xonforefunx


    Sounds like my best bet would to be in the floater pool until i like what i find. Thank you
  11. xonforefunx


    I have a job interview on Tues. at our hospital here in charlotte. Stupid question, there are SOOO many different departments I have no idea which one I would like to work in. Most of them I never even heard of. Any suggestions? I am waiting to take my test but Im not a big fan of blood or gorey stuff so is there a dept. that doesn't see too much of this. (I know why did I get into this, because I have a lot of TLC i want to give to people)
  12. xonforefunx

    Getting a Job as a CNA when resume is IT heavy...

    i just finished my CNA 1 class. Like you, I applied at our local hospitals but no call backs, nothing. I talked to one of my lab/clinical instructors who worked for a hospital, and she talked to HR manager for me who refered me to a recruiter and now I have an interview on Tues. So basically what Im saying is maybe you can talk to one of your instructors and maybe they can talk to some one for you
  13. xonforefunx

    Calling All CNA's!

    I just finished my CNA 1 course and waiting to take "the test" I am so nervous I want to get started so badly. I am thinking of going on to LPN but not sure what I need. Do I need CNA 2 and does any one know what is involved with LPN? Thank you
  14. xonforefunx

    immature but true

    I just completed my CNA 1 course and waiting "the test" now. I too am petrified. But they say, these are the kind of CNA's they want because we are so aware and caring, of doing a good job so I am keeping that in the back of my mind. Also a trick I learned from our clinical instructor, when you go into a room to change a BM or vomit or whatever that has a smell you can't deal with to well, in your scrub pocket put a small container of vicks vapor rub and put some under your nose. Believe me it helps.
  15. xonforefunx

    New Member

    I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I do it wrong. I just completed my schooling for CNA 1 (in charlotte, NC) and waiting to take "the test" I am petrified but I know its normal. Im just scared I will get up there and freeze and forget everything. I was thinking of going on to LPN does anyone know how to go about it (classes, etc)
  16. xonforefunx

    LPN info

    I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I do it wrong. I am a CNA 1 in Charlotte, NC and was wondering if I go on to LPN what I had to do to go about it. Thank you so much