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  1. missionary

    WA nurses keeping the license active question?

    I have concerns about this new WA state law, especially for unemployed nurses who may not be informed. I emailed someone from the State Board of licensing, who agreed that volunteer work is allowed for the 531 hours/three years, as long as it is nursing practice, and it must be documented. Does anyone know if CE can be training time at a new position? For example, the Blood Pathogen hour (with post test) and the like? Also I am in a learning role -- would on-the-job training be considered CE? Thanks.
  2. missionary

    suicide of RN

    I re-entered RN work 5 years ago after a 15 year break and have to say that the field has changed. RN's in hospitals have the most demanding job imaginable with the fewest resources. I never made a med error on the ACU where I worked, but on New Year's Eve when staffing was short (and I was swamped) I was cited for missing a critical lab value at the end of my shift. At my next review I was told I was a good nurse but either had to work more hours or leave. Her point was that I was not as quick or smooth as the full time nurses. I agreed and quit. I felt very degraded and unappreciated for the countless hours of ridiculous stress, no breaks, working late. And yes, the technology changes require constant rebooting. But this is not nursing. Its more akin to robotics. Patients feel it, too. They need real nurses.
  3. missionary

    Required Hours to Keep License

    WA state now requires 531 hours every three years of active nursing for RN license. Our local hospitals recently eliminated many jobs because of economic issues. Any ideas? I am 58; have not worked in 2 yrs.
  4. missionary

    Unna boot

    We have had some Unna's boots donated to take to the villages in the Dominican Republic. I see they can be left on a week -- useful for even sprains and edema. Question: can these be safely used for unsupervised patients? We go to villages one day and then leave. We always give good instructions in Spanish. Besides checking circulation, what other risks do we warn patients about? Thanks, Jan from WA state
  5. missionary

    what do you guys think of my working conditions?

    I went back to work recently after 16 years and because I was ICU/CCU years ago I elected a step-down telemetry unit in our small town hospital. Like you, we usually have 16-20 beds filled and our staffing ratio is up to 5... usually 4. Days: We always have a monitor tech that also covers ICU, always a US. We always have a nurse tech to do patient care, vital signs, I&O's. It sounds good on paper but I am flying all the time. The patients are coming and going all the time. But I like it, for some strange reason. Do you have othe local hospitals? Check out their policies.
  6. missionary

    Best heart center In US?

    Please offer feedback. My DH needs a 6th cardiac ablation (5 have failed) to treat atrial flutter. The procedurist in Seattle said my DH is beyond his capablities, and to try those places who do thousands of them. He suggested either Cleveland, Mayo or Johns Hopkins. He used to have a fib, but a trans-thoracic pulmonary vein abation last spring left him with this a flutter. He's needed several cardioversions. He gets pretty good control with the amiodorone and metoprolol, but our goal is to get him off meds. He's only 55. Thanks for your input!
  7. missionary


    I imagine you've already taken it? I am an old nurse going back to work on Tele floor and my super just handed it to me and asked me to turn it in when finished. Thank goodness, because I had to look up about half the questions. Its about 15 pages, multiple choice. It has some rhythm strips that would be found in ACLS coursework, ACLS meds, DM and insulin, post-op care, activity after new MI, normal lab values.... and more.
  8. missionary

    Rapid Response Team and Families

    Being a nurse and also being a family member at times, I would think it would be great. I know while I am working, I can't be everywhere at once. And call lights do not elicit emergency help. Better the RRT than having them pull the Code light, right? If family member err much, it may be that they don't ask for help soon enough -- d/t denial, fear, ignorance. And if they call prematurely and patient is stable, there's no harm done.
  9. missionary

    Is it normal to panic?

    I am not a new nurse but I have a new position and it all comes back....fear! I have had trouble sleeping the past two nights. I have been away from hospital nursing for 16 years. I had one day last week on the tele floor where I am assigned. Everything is new.... we used to say cardiac enzymes and now all they say is "positive treponin". And MRSA... had to look that one up! Meds are new and different.... I am afraid that I will not be able to do the job at the pace required. I'll be looking up meds while orders are flying??
  10. missionary

    Radio frequency ablation

    My husband is 55, chronic a fibber for 7 years. He had two femoral RFablations with no good results. Last spring he was the 35th patient in Seattle to have a thoracic ablation. Now he will have great weeks in RSR but will go into A flutter rate of 120. He tolerated the flutter better than fib, but to avoid a chronic state, he's been cardioverted 4 times. He's actually weaning off Toprol (from 200mg/day to 50) and still takes 300mg. Rithmol/day. We are going to work more on the EP aspects, determining why he can't stay in RSR. What's the best clinic in US? Mayo?
  11. missionary

    Interviewing for CICU!

    I just interviewed and was hired for ICU and telemetry. Actually, where I live there is a nursing shortage...maybe the same holds for you. I went to HR with a resume in my hand and immediately a nursing recruiter jumped up, handed me an application and asked if I had time? I filled it out and then she said, "Do you have time to meet the nurse manager for the units?" Two managers met with me, toured me briefly, sat down and asked how "comfortable" I was with this and that and then basically offered me a job. I have not worked in a hospital setting for 16 years! I offer this to give you a mindset. It is this: they want a good hire more than you want to be that hire! As long as you look neat and clean and convey a pleasant, cordial personality, you can come with gaps in your knowledge but they can fix that! If they ask and you are untrained in that area, admit you do not know but you want to learn.