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  1. NYS ER New Grad Stipulation?

    Hello Everyone, I was writing to inquire if anyone knew if there was a 1 year acute care RN experience mandatory for New York State ER working as a RN. I'm graduating from a ADN program with 6 years of experience in EMS as a advanced care AEMT workin...
  2. In My Prayers

    We do the best for our patients and then we don't try not to take the job home or let it bother us. But I give credit for those floor nurses who are busy taking care of our grandma's, grandpa's, mom's, dad's, siblings and friends because in a way, th...
  3. No Patient Should Ever Feel Embarrassed

    One patient sticks out tonight... I felt really bad for this older gentleman I took care of today. He came in 79 year old male with new onset shortness of breath. You could tell he was in CHF. He had edema all over his body, rales, and all that good ...
  4. Why nursing was for me...

    Most people grow up having a clear understanding as to what they want to be in life. It is the norm to attend high school, move on to college and pursue these goals. I, on the other hand did not have just one set goal. In elementary school, I wanted ...
  5. Crouse Hospital School of Nursing, Syracuse

    Thanks for the help. First week isn't bad, it's overwhelming though.. I feel like alot of people are being negative about it all. The only person who is real positive is the 110 teacher. But I suppose that's they're way of making us work hard. I'm ju...
  6. Crouse Hospital School of Nursing, Syracuse

    Thanks for your help. Start in Tminus 4 days.. Do you need your textbooks the first week? Uniforms? I have'nt prepared any of that, hoping that they'll guide us with some of that stuff during orientation. Also don't want to look like the person whose...
  7. Crouse Hospital School of Nursing, Syracuse

    3 weeks... nervous as heck... I've been doing EMS for a long time and worked in a ER for a long time but I'm picking up and leaving everything behind to start a new.. hehe but I'm sure it'll all be fine.
  8. Crouse Hospital School of Nursing, Syracuse

    The reason I ask is because I'm a larger guy and I wanted to get it done myself. Navy blue? what color is the embroidery? One or two lines? Thanks so much for your help!
  9. Crouse Hospital School of Nursing, Syracuse

    Anyone going to Crouse know the uniform? Is it all white with Crouse patches? Do you have to get them at the recommended store?
  10. ER Assigning rooms

    Hello Everyone, I work in a very busy Level One Trauma Center and was wondering what policy's or procedures you have as to how beds are assigned from triage. We have 4 different areas. An Acute area, two main areas, and a IC/Peds area. Each area for ...