critical care, vascular access
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gijoe_169 has 4 years experience and specializes in critical care, vascular access.

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  1. First of all, everybody that's a nurse is smart or they wouldn't be a nurse, with a few exceptions. I've found that the electric kool-aid acid test for anybody doubting themselves is that they change their major when they doubt themselves going into ...
  2. gijoe_169

    AEL Crash, No Survivors

    I went to high school with Tiffany and my wife and I were friends of hers and Josh's. Tiffany was so sweet and engaging. Her and her husband were created for each other. I would have to say that I was impressed by her life. I would implore anybody th...
  3. Hi guys. I have about 6 months exp in the or, 3 years critical care, I put in PICC lines, and work part time for the IV team, so I do alot of IV insertions. Anybody have any insight about what kind of assignment that might get me?
  4. gijoe_169

    Looking for opportunities

    I insert PICC lines and I'm looking for opportunities in alabama. Would be interested in being a new business partner or just employment opportunites. Drop me a line if anybody knows about or has anything. Thanks!
  5. gijoe_169

    PICC line work

    Anybody here know about any opportunities for a PICC line trained nurse. I'm looking for opportunities. Drop me a line if there's anybody that knows of anything. Thanks