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  1. Nursedeb07

    10 Tips for Home Health Nursing

    I agree, I have never worked in a hospital setting but did HH for about 8 years, including hospice and private duty. It is very rewarding and I loved it. Got out because of having to go to the bad side of town at dusk repeatedly and had no other way to go any other time. Had the males in the house making inappropriate sexual remarks and decided it wasn't safe anymore, plus lots of drive by shootings at the time back in the 1990's in that area, still loved that one on one pt contact though and would love to go back.
  2. Nursedeb07

    Just Another Code

    This was a very emotional story to me as I just nearly died last October with pneumonia and was on a vent for 9 days. I saw and heard the angels, saw the bright tunnel. My husband didn't leave my side, our love has grown so much since that time and each day since is a gift and I know that. Thank-you, this is a great story.
  3. Nursedeb07

    Any Nurses With RA?? How do you Cope?

    I too have RA and am on or have been most all the meds. Mine dx in 1991, am 48 yo f. I work in physicians office and have episodes of flairs but have a great dr who watches me very closely. My hands are crooked and just got off vent for septic pneumonia, but otherwise...ALIVE
  4. Nursedeb07

    I think I'm enrolled??

    If you have sent your transcripts to them you will get a notice on your EC homepage that you can review. Just look your homepage over real good and your student ID should be on that page also. If you are able to go in the various different rooms and the library, you are enrolled. Have you taken all pre reqs. If not, you have 7 years to get all pre reqs and nursing classes and CPNE done.