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  1. rg42284


    Everyone is different, but if you follow the curriculum you'll be ok. From my experience, to fully understand each chapter, I completed all coding practices, assignments, etc.
  2. rg42284


    I agree, having the CCS behind your name will go a long way in securing a job. I did the self paced program through Ed2go last year and passed the CCS exam on the firs try, so it's doable. It is self paced, you have up to a year to complete each course, but if you 'get' coding you can complete both in a month or so. The courses are self paced, but you need to complete two separate courses to qualify for the CCS exam. Medical Billing and Coding - Online Career Training Program | ed2go Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep - Requirements - Online Career Training Program | ed2go I would wait, however, until the courses cover only ICD-10 as it will be implemented 10/1/15; it would make no sense to learn ICD-9 now. If you have questions, I'd be glad to help -Richard
  3. rg42284

    RN auditor/coder

    In order to qualify to take the CCS examination, you need to take an actual class for it; these usually take a year or so. AFAIK, there is no course on the AHIMA website that will qualify you for the CCS. Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) Just go to the link above to read more on the CCS. Ask away, if you have any questions. -Richard
  4. rg42284

    So excited!!!

    Congrats on the new position and good luck. I, too, was in your shoes a while back. My biggest advice is to make sure you understand what you are querying for and ensure the diagnosis will actually meet UHDDS guidelines and are clinically substantiated. Examples - A small drop in hemoglobin during surgery does not necessarily warrant a diagnosis of anemia due to acute blood loss. A postop patient who remains on the vent overnight or two nights may not meet the criteria for acute resp. failure following surgery.
  5. rg42284

    RN auditor/coder

    You will likely need a coding certification to be considered for an auditing position. You can 'easily' learn the rules and regulations, however recruiters will consider the ones with coding credentials, first. I actually experienced this, firsthand; I had applied and put my resume up on job boards with not one offer after several months. As soon as I got my CCS (through AHIMA), I received numerous offers for coding, auditing and CDI within a couple weeks. Auditing is not for everyone, but I truly enjoy it; If it's a remote position, working from home, or anywhere there is internet connection is a huge plus. As for job outlook, I think there will be a HUGE demand for nurse coders/auditors, especially with ICD-10 implementation. You'd be surprised how much fraud and abuse is going on throughout the nation.
  6. rg42284

    Relocating to AZ, how is pay for new grad RN, BSN?

    How has your experience been, thus far? How long is their orientation? Do they offer any tuition reimbursement? If so, how much? Any sign on bonus?
  7. rg42284

    GRE Preparation

    I'm just curious what book(s) you guys used to stufy for the GRE? How well did the book help? Any recommendations I should know about in getting ready for the GRE? Thank you.
  8. rg42284

    Grades, Gre Scores, Experience, etc...

    Although I just started nursing school I have emailed quite a few CRNA schools throughout the country. The average acceptance GPA that ALL the schools gave me was at least a 3.50, but I have heard of nurses getting in with average GPA but make up for it during the interview along with lots of ICU experience. There are a few schools, however, that consider only the last 60 semester hours when they calculate your grade, so do your best getting your BSN; I don't know the schools right off my head, though. You definitely have a chance, so keep your head up. Good luck!
  9. rg42284

    Best Way To Go About Becoming Crna

    I have contacted many CRNA schools and the average GPA for acceptance varies from 3.50-3.85, and each of the school adviced me to get the best grade possible. I've read quite a few posts, where some are getting in with Good luck!
  10. rg42284

    GRE Study TIP?

    http://www.testprepreview.com/gre_practice.htm I was referred to this site a couple months ago to help me study for my NET and found that there is a section on the GRE as well. Good luck with the GRE!
  11. rg42284

    Ethel Bauer School of Nursing Phoenix

    Call the school and ask for Sandy. She is very nice, and will answer any/all of your questions.
  12. rg42284

    Ethel Bauer School of Nursing Phoenix

    Yes I have. Classes start on Monday, so I'm feeling anxious already. Since you're one of the first graduates of the program, honestly, how would you rate your experience at EBSN? Regardless good luck in your nursing career.
  13. rg42284

    Ethel Bauer School of Nursing Phoenix

    Ethel Bauer is in the process of getting accreditation from NLN. They just had their first class graduate, which is why they could not be accredited by NLN before. A rep. from the school told me they should have full accreditation sometime in November, but for sure by 2007.
  14. rg42284

    Ethel Bauer School of Nursing Phoenix

    I'm sorry to bring this thread back up, but is there any news on the accreditation of EBSN? According to their website, they are ACICS accredited, but have they gotten NLN or any other accreditation(s)? What RN-BSN schools would accept graduates from EBSN?
  15. rg42284

    RN-BSN at ASU

    I'm sorry to bring this thread back up, but I am also curious about the ASU RN-BSN program. So, if you know anything about the program, please let us know. Thank you in advance!