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  1. lifecycle1898

    Excelsior CPNE Help

    I left my website up. It's cpnex.blogspot.com. Best part is that it's free. I'd also recommend Tinas workshop in San Jose as well as EC workshop.
  2. lifecycle1898

    [] m i d t e r m [] -----helppppp

    It took me all of 10 seconds to find the answer to #1. Aren't you supposed to do your own homework?
  3. lifecycle1898

    Beyond Frustrated!!!!!!!!

    I used the book with 3500 questions, the NCSBN, exam cram and flashcards. The one thing everyone agreed on was answer lots of questions. So that's what I did and it worked. You can get many of the books and CD's at your local library.
  4. lifecycle1898

    Beyond Frustrated!!!!!!!!

    Have you tried the NCSBN website?
  5. lifecycle1898

    Violent Borderlines

    I what worked in Psych for 30 years. I currently work at UCLA's NPI, I've also worked at Atascadero, Metropolitan and Fairview State Hospitals. I've worked in Geri psych, child, adolescent, adult, ECT, substance abuse, Eating disorders, forensics and developmental disabled. I've been around long enough to remember when that Diagnosis did not exist and seen it evolve into the trash heep for Nursing that it's become today.
  6. lifecycle1898

    Chemistry Question

    Ion's have either donated or received electrons and disassociated.
  7. lifecycle1898

    Violent Borderlines

    The Therapeutic thing would be to stop looking for an automatic response. Also think of your patients as people instead of labels and don't jump to conclusions about motivation for behavior. You've already attached some very negative labels that are not consistent with being therapeutic.
  8. lifecycle1898

    pros/cons of psych nursing?

    Con: If your a male nurse your expected to function as a goon as well as a nurse.
  9. lifecycle1898

    Interview at Coalinga

    I've worked at Metropolitan, Fairview and Atascadero. I think Napa used to be a combo hospital. DD and MI. Fairview was all DD and the most difficult working conditions I have ever experienced. Metro minimum security and the most dangerous place I've ever worked. Back then they held the record for most comp cases.
  10. lifecycle1898

    Interview at Coalinga

    I worked at Atascadero in the 70's. Not to minimize your pre-interview anxiety but the interview back then was pretty low key. Those are not easy positions for them to fill. What are they offering for pay? One point they make is that if you are ever held hostage, they will not give into demands of the hostage takers. Your talking about violent sexual predators. Know your psych meds and side effects. Back then Nursing staff were also responsible for contraband searches.
  11. lifecycle1898

    Knowledge re: suicide and how we can help

    Stumbled on this site...http://www.metanoia.org/suicide/ “Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.”
  12. lifecycle1898

    got shouted at yesterday night

    Do a rotation in Adolescent psych. This will give you immunity to such events in the future. No need to put your valuable energy into it. If you take these things personally it will compromise your functioning.
  13. lifecycle1898

    Seriously? I don't think I want to do this anymore.

    Your passing meds for 27 patients? Did I read this correctly? I would like to someone to demonstrate how is is possible while maintaining JACO standards. When I have patients with lots of meds, I place the med (unit dose) on the MAR. It keeps me from forgetting one.
  14. lifecycle1898

    California BSN

    I'm licensed already and interested in an online program for the BSN but not clear on accreditations that would be acceptable.
  15. lifecycle1898

    California BSN

    For a BSN in California am I restricted to the schools listed on the California BON website? Thanks
  16. lifecycle1898

    Nervous over possible termination

    Wow, your 1st job was worse than this one??? I would leave that job before it costs you your licence. This could be the red flag warning that saves your career.