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  1. MES

    Night Shift Help

    I am getting ready to start working three 12 hour shifts a week. I am 30 years old - what is the best way to get my needed sleep when I work this shift? I really do not know what to expect and could use some help with how to get the sleep I need - thanks so much!!
  2. MES

    Care plan books

    I will be done in 8 weeks!!!! Try Carpenito for care plans - it is required for my school - and pretty good!!!
  3. MES

    New Grad Icu?

    Hi I am graduating in 8 weeks and I have been offerred a job in an ICU. I currently work at another hospital and some of the ICU nurses here have not been very supportive of my exciting news. I could really use some helpful information and some encouragement. I am definetly taking the job and so are three other new grads - but if there are others who went to ICU straight from college and could offer some support or suggestions - thanks so much in advance - M
  4. MES

    Help - scared nursing student

    Thank you all so much for even responding - it helped me so much - I was feeling so alone and disappointed in myself. I will request a meeting with my professor when I see him on Thursday - he does not have voicemail. I also made plans to meet a girl and I made flash cards last night from my lecture yesterday and I had just bought an NCLEX book - thanks so much and I hope to be able to help someone too someday as you all did!!!!
  5. I am in my 2nd semester at a community college and I just made a 70 on my first test of the quarter. A 75 or below is failing in my nursing program. I have been a B student and I get excellants in Clinical whenever I am evaluated - but I did horrible on this test and the amazing thing is I did the homework and studied too!!! Now I am so afraid. I know I will be a good nurse - this is very important to me - but now I am terrified - and I feel like I am going to fail out. Even though most everyone is already a nurse - can anyone help?
  6. MES

    first semester jitters!

    Hi!! I have just finished my first semester too and would love to talk about it and compare notes - please email me at mes93@yahoo.com Thanks!!!
  7. MES

    Help Please

    I just finished my first semester of nursing school!!! I did really well in theory and clinical EXCEPT - I have a horrible time giving shots and I almost fainted watching a doctor put in a central line and I had to leave the room. I can put in foleys, change G-tubes, even change dressings on terrile looking ulcers but I am terrified of sharp objects and think I am going to REALLY hurt the patient. I can not stop shaking when I do this. I know I am going to be a nurse - but I really need some help on how to overcome this fear. Thank you
  8. MES

    Big Move

    I am planning a very big move - all the way across the United States - from California to Cape Cod, Mass. I am still a student - does anyone know anything about Cape Cod Community College and also did anyone ever move and switch schools? I am a little (ok a lot) afraid and could use some help. Thanks in advance.
  9. MES

    I apologize

    I think I posted my last message on the wrong board - I am sorry - I was trying to add it to the Student board and I do not know how to delete it. i realize this board is just for nurses - but it is too late. Sorry for the inconvenience. M
  10. MES


    Oops - I think I put this message on the wrong board before - do any of you have experinece in what types of jobs will be open to you after nursing school? I am getting my RN froma community college - but I would like to work in NICU - do I need a BSN or will it just take time and experience?
  11. I was just reading the nursing nessage boards and I have a question. I am going to a two year college for my RN and I am wondering if I will be eligible to train in a hospital for NICU or do I need a BSN? Could somone please let me know if they have any experience with this. I am still new to the whole thing. Thnk you

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