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  1. chelsea52

    Pt skills checklists

    Hello, I posted this under rehab nursing as the bowel and bladder teaching for spinal cord injury patients is kind of specialized but will also ask here if anyone has any experience with designing a sort of skills "checklist" to have the nurse check off once a patient has performed a skill. Then we can have a more easily referenced hard copy so that the next nurse knows what has been mastered, what needs worked on. Would be kept in patient room. Thanks
  2. Hello, Wondering if anyone can share what they may use as a sort of checklist to document what education pt has completed, specifically regarding teaching bowel, bladder management. We will also include skin, autonomic dysreflexia and anticoags. At our facility, we are having trouble with keeping track of what exactly the prior nurse has had the pt do regarding learning own bowel routine and bladder management. Obviously, we teach in steps so this is ongoing over course of at least a few weeks, and easy to lose track where the patient is in the learning process.
  3. chelsea52

    Disappointed with nurse recruiters

    Hi all, this is my first post. Wondering what others have encountered when working with nurse recruiters. During clinicals we were actively "wooed" but now that I'v graduated, I'm not getting calls and emails returned. The one that did call me back pretty much told me to just apply on line. Thats not recruiting! Maybe I expected too much, but it makes me less sympathetic to the hospitals regarding nursing shortage.