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  1. peaches49

    Trying to become a nurse for 7 years

    Thanks so much, I too will probably graduate then at about age 51.
  2. Here is my reply! 1. How is being in nursing school different then you expected? Alot of work, no home time, just study. Not much different than any other class except that if you expect to make good friends don't count on it, they act like friends, but in the long run I've learned that each is out for their own career and they really dont care about you. So please have some family and support behind you that really do care that will help you along in the journey. 2. what is the most challenging aspect of being a nursing student for you? All the homework and careplans, then having the instructor change them from time to time and really not teach you well how to do them, make sure you ask for specific detail? What they are looking for, what type of answer, if your unsure. 3. what is the best part of being a nursing student? Learning. Awesome clinical experience, Loved ER, loved to learn and just doing what a nurse does. Awesome experience. I did have some super nice classmates. 4. what advice would you give to pre-nursing students about what to do before entering the nursing program? Get some people skills, take a class on how to relate to managers, work on self esteem and teach yourself pep talk. You'll need it. Don't always trust your class mates with private information, keep things to yourself and only to outside sources, because it will come back to bite in you in the Butt, watch your p's & Q's in clinical and do what your told, and if you really want to succeed, be prepared ahead of time, get to clinical early and check on your patient know everything they are taking and take notes in nursing conference about what they were given in the night. You need to be prepared to give all the answers even if your not a nurse yet. At least that is what was expected of me. And if that isn't correct, please someone let me know. Also be inquisitive if your not, the instructors will think your fluffing off. 5. What are your best survival tips for surviving in nursing program? Surviving? I dont think everyone survives, but the above post will help. STUDY,STUDY, STUDY.
  3. peaches49

    Trying to become a nurse for 7 years

    trust me i've been there. i am 49 years old and finished 2nd semester in december, i was dropped from clinical portion the day before the semester ended. long story. tried to get into another school but was too late will be applying again to both this summer. and dealing with dean at same time to be able to just do clinicals because they did let test and i scored 2 a's and 2 b's in theory. but they say i have to repeat all. i wont go back till next spring and i will be 50 then. i'd love to share info with you. if you'd like to chat or email. let me know and i will post my email. it was a rough road but i wont go into detail here, but i know what your going through.
  4. peaches49

    Pyxis in Never wrong?

    Hi glad a few of you posted. My proiblem was that the pyxis asked for a count of all the meds i was taking and put me down for taking that many. The count might be 10 on aspirin and would put me down for taking 10, and they said this was wrong because the pyxis should not be asking for a count of all meds, and the ones I drew yesterday--- the machine worked fine. ANd I had no errors. But I also was standing there and my teacher seeing all this, she confirmed aldo what the machine was doing. Anyway they wanted a little inservice on the pyxis, then they were going to put me back into the system. It's all the nasty talk from nurses that we hear about that causes the poblems. thanks for posting back.
  5. peaches49

    Pyxis problems

    Has anyone had problems with the pixis? during med passes. I had a problem yesterday with mine, it kept asking for a count and I would put in the amount hit ok, then take my med and so on. Then later in the day it came back to me when pharmacy said All my meds were shown to have the count listed then showed that I took that many meds. What a big tadooo about that. It wasn't even my fault and my teacher witnessed the scenario, I was removed from using the pixis today, but before being removed I had drawn all my meds, and The machine was working properly I had shown no errors. I have had problems all semester with the last clinical teacher now this teacher is thwarting my new clinical teacher everyweek about how I am doing, I dont think Im NOT going to make it because of the influence this other clinical teacher has. Each paragraph here relates to something different, and Im not sure what to do, there wer comments made by the nurses and pharm about students stealing meds. what do you thinK?
  6. peaches49

    I had a very bad day in clinical (ugh)...

    Please hang in there, at my clinicals we aren't allowed to pass med's unless it's our med pass day. Otherwise the nurses do it. And I have had an instructor that has just been cruel, but hang in there you'll get and please ask questions every day, of the nurses, of your instructor and who ever you can to get info, this will really help. I went in to this semester not knowing what was expected of me and now I know, you must act as if you are nurse even if your not licensed yet. So be specific and find out early what to do and don't give up.
  7. peaches49

    Dropping out

    Then dont quit, move on and stay in the program. I was in your boat once when I became a CNA, and it was rough the first wekk or so but you get use to it, and the patient care you learn is wonderful experieince, I have several students now in my LVN program with me that had never touched anyone, and 2 of those were boys, they are doing great, SO I know you can get through it. You will be thankful if you do and if you love helping people, the rewards are great and you will be happy with your self for doing so.
  8. peaches49

    Kardex? Chart

    Interventions would be the I&O's, physical therapy, wts, occupational therapy, turn Q2, and others. I cannot remember everything that is on the cardex. It also may include some history.
  9. peaches49

    Kardex? Chart

    It should have all basic patient info, although I have found some not up to date. It should include, med's, dressings, what type. Age, PT, OT, surgery date, I& O's, if daily wts, I.V.-and what type, DNr or other info. etc. Hope that helps.
  10. peaches49

    In the line of fire! 2nd semester, what do I do?

    Sorry I was getting a little perturbed here. I will move forward each week and progress to better nursing skills, and try to keep my mouth shut when I have to. Thanks so much for all the encouragement. Good luck everyone.
  11. peaches49

    In the line of fire! 2nd semester, what do I do?

    As far as the haldol was concerned I learned of it in nursing report, but I didn't know the dr was coming in that day or that I needed to know the amount to tell him. As far as nursing protocol, I have been in 2nd semester for 3 weeks now, I 'm figuring out that we must find anwers for ourselves. I am not a nurse yet and dont know all the answers, im just learning. As far as mandated reporter, we are all one. I've been a CNA for 7 years and know all about reporting and such. As far as nursing skills Im a learning and a newbie at that. As far as minor mistakes I've made they are just that----minor compared to what I've seen as far as neglect from all the nurses on this floor I'm working, if state came in, they would be shut down for sure. But I am learning that to make it in nursing school I must keep my mouth shut. Hows that for a mandatory reporter??? thanks so much for the input. I really appreciate it.
  12. peaches49

    nursing teacher from HELL!!

    boy do I know what your talking about. I have the same problem with mine right now and it's just me,I am in 2nd semester LVN program. But i'm learning to just listen and promise to do better next time, and even if I say that, I still get threats. You can read about some of this on the other post, I titled it, In The Line of Fire. Just be on the lookout and get as much info about your patient that you can and I am actually going early to check on my patient ahead, so I will be ready if she comes at me again. Good luck and keep us posted.
  13. peaches49

    In the line of fire! 2nd semester, what do I do?

    thanks so much for info and instruction, i will take it to heart and use it to learn by. as far as contract-- i dont know what that means either except i've heard it may mean signing something and if i don't meet exxpectations then i can be kicked out this semester. but i really am not sure, i've not been told about that process either. thanks again for all your help
  14. peaches49

    In the line of fire! 2nd semester, what do I do?

    no i am not unsafe, we are still in the learning process and i dont feel we are told or taught what we need to know. my patient the other day was given haldol during the night, the dr. came in the next day,totally upset over the patient being given this and asked the charge nurse how much he was given and she had to go check the order, she came back and told the doctor. after he left, my teacher totally jumped my case and said i could be sent home because i should have told the doctor how much haldol he got. how was i suppose to know that answer? or know that i needed to know that,at this point in training, we havn't been taught about any of that yet? she threatened contract on me.
  15. peaches49

    In the line of fire! 2nd semester, what do I do?

    Thanks so much and I will keep you posted. Thanks again.
  16. peaches49

    In the line of fire! 2nd semester, what do I do?

    Thanks so much, thats what I plan to do from now on, and cover myself at all times. I may be doing med passes this week so I have to be on my toes. I even went to the facility where I work and I havn't been there for a while, to chat with DON about this and I've gotten the same info from them and they are on my side. Thanks so much again and the words of encouragement are great, By the way they use to call me jules, so nice to meet you. Guess we both know what our names are. Thanks again.