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  1. Finallymadeit10

    UTEP FNP Spring 2018

    Hey everyone and congrats!!! Will you guys be attending orientation on the 28 & 29th of Nov. The flights are ridiculous from Houston. Anyone want to carpool?
  2. Finallymadeit10

    Indiana State University FNP Class Fall 2017

    Can I email you hollymomrn about this school please?
  3. Finallymadeit10

    Indiana State University FNP spring 2017- anyone?6

    Is it possible to ask some questions about the program? @2content4u
  4. Finallymadeit10

    Anyone accepted to ISU FNP Spring 2018?

    Wanted to connect with others!
  5. Finallymadeit10

    Has anyone applied for ISU FNP Fall 2017?

    Hey. I was wondering if you were accepted and how is the program going thus far?
  6. Finallymadeit10

    Houston RN networking event

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone from Chicago, will be attending the RN networking event and free CE presentation this evening at the JW Mariott, for individuals relocating to Houston, TX.
  7. Finallymadeit10

    Job prospects in Chicago

    Does anyone know a good LTC facility on the Northside of chicago, hiring new grads? Thanks or any other facilities, appreciate it!
  8. Finallymadeit10

    nclex rn test takers august 2010 support group?

    Goodluck and congrats everyone!!!! Keep your faith in God and do your best and you will succeed. I took the NCLEX-RN on the 28th of this month, did the pvt and got the good pop up. I found out yesterday morning that I passed :p :p I am a yaaaayyyyyy
  9. Finallymadeit10

    I got the good pop up!

  10. Finallymadeit10

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Hello everyone... I took the Nclex-RN on saturday @ 8am and did the pvt and got the good pop-up, I just found out that I passed and I am now a RN. YYYYAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!
  11. Finallymadeit10

    Just took the NCLEX

    Thank you guys very very very much!!! I just found that I passed the NCLEX-RN through pearsonvue and the PVT works (only thing that calmed my nerves). I am so happpppyyyyyyy!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Thanks again everyone and goodluck and congrats to everyone out here!
  12. Finallymadeit10

    Just took the NCLEX

    Hi Everyone I just took the Nclex-RN at 8am in Chicago. I really have no comment on that exam but I am really hoping that I passed. It shut off on 107 questions and I realized that I did not have many delegation questions (4) or sata(4), had alot of priority and infection control and 2 math calculations. I tried the pearsonvue trick and it told me that I have a previously scheduled exam, so I guess I passed. Either way I'm still freaking out about it because, I honestly didn't feel well about it, but I have faith in God and I know it will work out. Just felt like venting thanks all!!!
  13. Finallymadeit10

    Took NCLEX this morning...

    yaaaay, congratulations everyone!!!
  14. Finallymadeit10


    You can do it, by God's grace you will pass!
  15. Finallymadeit10

    2 Weeks till Nclex-RN. what should i do?

    I am definitely with you, I reviewed with Feuer cds, Saunders, Kaplan Qbank questions, and I have the LaCharity book.... I'm taking the exam on the 28th and I am freaking out. I am ready to take the exam but also scared at the same time. Goodluck to you and everyone else!!!!!