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  1. bottomsup

    carbo/taxol/avastin order of admin

    At our outpatient clinic convenience dictates that we start the Taxol/Carbo first as the CBC results are generally back before the UA dip for protein which we need before we can administer the Avastin (that's when the docs remember to order the UA dip!!! then its another delay for that to occur)
  2. bottomsup

    Please share nurse to pt ratio

    We have nine chairs in our outpatient clinic, and two RN's, but we also have to mix our own chemo, so sometimes it gets very hectic, as the nurse on the floor is left to do telephone triage, prescriptions, hang the chemo, access/deaccess the ports/IVs etc. We're looking for more nurses...anybody interested in North Texas?
  3. bottomsup

    Changing Nursing Specialties

    When I entered the nursing field, one of the attractions was the perceived ability to change course and try several different specialties before finding 'the one' and settling into a career path. As a graduate one year out of school, I am frustrated by the lack of internships, or the experience requirements that most posted jobs have that discourage me from trying something new. If I wanted to move into OR nursing, or L&D, must I first establish myself in an alternative specialty area in the same hospital that might not be my preferred specialtiy, and then try to make a lateral move? Anyone else have the same frustrations?
  4. bottomsup

    Where can I find very soft scrubs

    The nurses where I work prefer Silky Scubs which have the added benefit of no ironing! http://www.uniformcity.com/go.asp?prog=lvl2&mktlvl1=M2000&mktlvl2=240&lvl2desc=Silky%20Scrubs&mktlvl3=&lvl3desc=&cont1=Y&pg=&currpg=
  5. bottomsup

    Need Resume Help to land an outpatient infusion position

    What state are you located in? I landed an Oncology Infusion position right out of nursing school...they paid for my 2 day ONS certification course. We could use some help here where I am....
  6. bottomsup

    Weird Question for Oncology

    You will have many experiences in your nursing clinicals, so I wouldn't pin my hopes on any one area until you've been through several. I work in an ambulatory oncology infusion office and it is very, very busy. It's rewarding to see the patients who go into remission, but also very hard to lose patients from time to time. It's also constantly changing so you need to be flexible and open to new advances in the field.
  7. bottomsup

    Suggested NI/IT/IS Interview Questions

    Excellent, excellent questions. I left a job after 20+ years in IT to pursue a nursing degree, and now 6 mos into an oncology nursing positing, am thinking of integrating the two pursuits. These questions are essential and thought provoking!!
  8. bottomsup

    Age you will/were graduated?

    Graduated proudly at age 54. Making half the money I was before, but am 10 times happier.
  9. bottomsup

    Are nurses unsupportive spouse magnets??

    Interesting discussion. But I haven't heard anyone else say that they may have entered nursing because their SO or DH didn't need nurturing, and perhaps the reason nursing appealed to them was that they had a need to nurture that wasn:idea: 't being met at home. Anyone else onboard with this idea?