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    Well, I'm not a Curious Student anymore...

    and so I'll be retiring my Allnurses' account here. Can't believe the 3 years went by so fast. I got lots of good advice in my posts and readings here (read a lot more than I ever posted). I finished my last student shift yesterday, so I'm going to retire this account and start a new one. I was a bit silly and posted WAY too much identifiable information about myself. I'll be more careful in the future. Just wanted to say "YAY!" and thanks to all of you - I'll be seeing you around the boards you just might not recognize me.
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    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    Cleaning the resident rooms and bathrooms." This line drifted to my ears in the orientation for a brand new (lovely) private LTC facility opening here soon. This is Canada - we don't really do "private" care but the gov't of the province in which I live has recently handed over LTC to private for profit companies. I am a new graduate nurse and so am happy to find a job wherever I can... until I hear this! They have a housekeeping staff - these staff are responsible for keeping the (carpeted) hallways and common areas clean. We've been told they don't set foot in the resident's rooms - the nurses and health care aides will be responsible for cleaning these! What?!? I am curious if any of you have heard of this before? I mean, great facility and all - the food, decor, building, etc all new and state-of-the-art. But they're saving money by having their nursing and auxillary staff acting as housekeeping??? How does this enable the best resident care? I think I'm going to quit before I even finish orientation. I didn't go to school for 3 years to clean toilets. What do you think?
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    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    Thanks Ogopogo - I can't believe how the time seems to have flown. I am so happy to nearly be done, I know that a casual position is a foot in the door and I'm happy to start there. Things are opening up in AB so hopefully it won't be long. I asked about the insulin protocol - apparently they will all have the pens which you just dial up the right number and they "poke" themselves. If they are unable it defaults to me... just so many little things that seem asinine. I LOL'ed at the suggestion they hire the housekeepers to chart. :) It's not a fit for the type of skilled nurse I want to be - I like the hands on, but not housekeeping... I don't want to spend my time charting all day and trying to wrangle the HCA's into getting all the "housework" done. I've BEEN a HCA while in school... I know how political and soap opera-ish it can be. Now add the work of housekeeping to the pile? Nah I don't want to babysit that nightmare. PS: I think I need a new screen name hey? No longer a "Curious Student" - I've done it, I'm a nurse!
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    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    Yep, you guys are all confirming my gut feeling. I did get an offer today for a casual position on a med/telemetry floor, so I'll resign and let the housekeeping/nursing duties go to some other hapless nurse. At the risk of sounding... racist... and I DON'T mean to at ALL because I respect all nationalities *you'll see my point in a minute* I was quite surprised at orientation too. This is a non-union facility, the LTC facility they are closing down IS unionized and many of those workers are out of a job when the final resident transfers are complete. The new facility has, out of 50-60 new hires in kitchen, HCA, housekeeping and nursing, only 15ish members who are NOT Filipino. Now here's my point: what better way to keep your facility union-free than to hire staff who will NEVER ever "rock the boat" because they are so happy to have a decent paying job (they've matched local union base pay rates) and are afraid to lose it?? I could be wrong I guess (and feel free to correct me) but I see that as a fairly deliberate move on the part of senior management here. The ones from the old facility who are pro union and caucasian (for the most part) did NOT get hired.
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    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    The on-site pharmacy will be packaging all the meds with pt name, name of pill, description of pill ie: "Mr.Smith, Levodopa, round, white pill" and these will all be kept in a locked pill box and in a locked drawer in each patient's room just as the meds would be if they lived in their own home (the idea being: this IS their home). I can't seem to clarify if they're passing under my license - I wouldn't think so but don't know for sure. If the resident refuses the meds, they chart it on the MAR and in the communication book. I hate the idea that I don't know who is taking what, how they're taking it - how it's being handled (if the pt. refuses). I don't think I'll stay. Makes me really nervous. And it's not unionized so you have zero protection should something go haywire.
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    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    Oh, and doing the residents laundry (not including facility linens) and cooking breakfasts in the "cottage". It's the Eden philosophy - less "institutional" which I guess blurs the lines between professional nursing care and general housekeeping...
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    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    I wish it were a joke... but it isn't. They even took the time to show us which color of cleaning cloths are to be used where, and all the janitorial carts/vaccuums, etc. HCA's there do meds, the nurses do assessments, charting, etc and PRN narcotics. The rest of the time you're pitching in with all hands-on resident care and ADL's. Which I guess theoretically gives me enough time to clean bathrooms.
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    Alberta health services- looking for work

    I agree. The only girls from my class (we grad this month) who've gotten interviews/jobs so far (only as casual) were the ones who dropped the resume off in person to the UM. It worked for me. I'm still waiting to hear "for sure" that I got a position but it looks good. Fingers crossed.
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    Scope of Practice of RPN/RN

    Thankyou for your responses. Can I ask what the starting wage is for a new grad PN? Here in AB it is $23 and change. How do the RNs treat the PNs? Here I find they refer to themselves as "nurses" and call us only LPNs. As in "we'll be holding a meeting with the nurses and the LPNs". Petty of me to notice? Seems they don't want to call us nurses...
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    Scope of Practice of RPN/RN

    Bumping this thread forward. What is the scope of a RPN in Ontario, and how does it compare to the scope of the LPN within Alberta? What is the hourly starting wage? Just doing some comparative research.
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    Did you get pinned?

    We get pinned at ours in June - I can't remember what the pin looks like, but it's custom ordered from Birks. We're wearing the traditional white uniforms (but can wear white pants if we choose) and getting our pins and caps at the ceremony. LPN program.
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    RN job/ lifestyle Alberta-close to Rez

    I wish the issues such as "boredom and alcohol" fueling such dysfunction would be truly addressed by our government instead of throwing endless tax dollars in the direction of the reservations year after year. They deserve better.
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    Select Medical Connections? Travel nurse in BC?

    What a coincidence!!
  14. Have you checked out the AHS job postings? Last I looked there were plenty of LPN postings for both major AB centers both Cgy and Edm. Talking to a graduate RN from Cgy today on my clinical rotation who just moved up here and she said that there are plenty of LPN jobs there, fewer for RNs. It's opposite here in northern AB there are pretty much no LPN postings and a bunch for RNs. (I'm still a PN student hoping there will be a job when I graduate this spring.)
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    returning to Alberta this year

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad's MI but glad to hear things look like they'll work out for the move. Good luck!
  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-11612402 This is an unbelievable and tragic story of a man with a SCI and paralyzed from the neck down, reliant on agency home nurses and who didn't trust the care he was receiving. He arranged for a video camera to be set up, and within days it caught the nurse switching OFF his ventilator. She was then unable to ambu-bag him (trying to place the mask over his face instead of connecting it to his trach). He ended up severely brain damaged as he was without oxygen for 14 minutes. Unbelievable. Where are they hiring these "nurses" from?
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    RN vs RPN Career

    I am currently in school to become a LPN. Here in AB the program is 2 years long (and they're talking about wishing they could increase it because as things keep getting added to our scope, they just don't have enough class time to cover it all). I have 3 kids, and the amount of time you take to do all your assignments, study, write papers, etc, etc... well there is just no way I could keep this up for 4 years. I mean, I probably could, but I don't think it is fair to my kids to be so absorbed (your evenings are always full of some type of homework) for so long. So far, I think I'll like it. Of course in a perfect world I'd get my RN because if I'm going to do most of that scope anyway, why not get the pay? But this world ain't perfect, and this gets me doing something that (at this point) I love and it has been more affordable both in terms of $ and of time. We also keep hearing that finding work after we graduate will be easier as a LPN than as a RN since the AB gov't (at this point) has finally figured out we're much cheaper and still capable. Guess I'll find out this spring.
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    I'm Eating My Cookie...

    some new protocols... like building new (for profit) ltc facilities, and closing the old one here where i live. net number of new beds (where the wait list to get into ltc is 1-2 years long) zero. read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/edmonton/story/2010/11/19/edmonton-er-meeting-new-protocols.html#ixzz15mzzijth duckett's response: " we have issued a media advisory ... isn't it ridiculous that the media are not prepared to go to the media scrum and i'm eating my cookie," duckett said as he strode down the street. "did you hear what i just said?" he replied when another reporter tried again to ask for reaction. "i said, "i'm eating my cookie.'" is this the new version of "let them eat cake"? lol:lol2:
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    I'm Eating My Cookie...

    You can't put toxic waste on the curb Fiona, so no, I don't think they'd take him. :)
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    I'm Eating My Cookie...

    If we're going to talk about property taxes, I may implode. Ours have gone up 20% in the last 3 years! We are supposedly getting a new hospital (I'll believe it when they start digging) but we have a new swimming pool just about ready - cost: 109 MILLION. They just voted down curbside recycling because it was going to cost an extra $4.70 a month and the people were SCREAMING angry about it. "Why should we pay for recycling when we can simply throw our garbage into the dump (or out the window) that cuts into our Timmies money, dontchaknow?" So the chumps at city hall decided to veto the bylaw amendment that would increase the Aquatera bill by $4.70 a month. Then two days later, they voted to increase property taxes by 7% this year. Increase in services: ZERO. That sound you just heard was my head exploding. Our property taxes (on a very modest house, with a one income (non-oilpatch) family - as I'm still in school - and three children) are over $400 a month. I have to work when I graduate just to help pay our bloody taxes and utilities. Well, maybe if they hand out free cookies it will at least give the kids something to eat...
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    I'm Eating My Cookie...

    I am actually afraid the pendulum may swing from "bad" to "worse" with this new Wild Rose party. It seems like it might be even more extreme - for those Albertans who've drummed up some dissatisfaction with the Tories but who aren't bright enough to see through the WR party rhetoric they might not vote Tory again, but Wild Rose instead, and we'll be pushed from the frying pan into the fire. It's why Alberta is so frustrating. People don't seem to care as long as they have their job, their quad, their yearly vacation to Mexico, etc. This province seems overpopulated with uneducated, ambivalent people who make $100,000 a year working in the patch and who really don't give a crap about anything except their next paycheque and next toy. I realize that may sound offensive, I'm just really frustrated right now.
  22. CuriousStudent1108

    I'm Eating My Cookie...

    Clearly those are people who've been fortunate to never have an emergent, or chronic, health concern. Any Albertan who has had to wait 2 years for a new hip, or 8 hours in Emerg for a Dr's note so their child can go back to daycare (because their "family doctor" is booking appointments 3 weeks out), or 1 year for a colonoscopy, etc, etc would NOT find Duckett in any way amusing. That's Alberta though, and it's why the Liberals cannot gain seats. Alberta - every man/woman for himself. "If it's not my problem, it's not my problem". I don't know that I want to stay in this province to practice nursing after I graduate. Very sad.
  23. CuriousStudent1108

    I'm Eating My Cookie...

    holy cow, if this wasn't so sad, it would be laughable. they've fired from caucus dr.raj sherman, the former er doctor who is also an mla, *or was an mla for the tory caucus* for his criticism of his parties' handling of the er crisis, and for his criticism of the minister of health, liepert. they're keeping duckett, and firing an er doctor who is actually aware and in touch and advocating both for patients and his constituents in the middle of an er crisis. only in alberta. cbc news - edmonton - alta. mla kicked from caucus over er remarks ya think? say nothing, eat cookies. die waiting for a bed in the er, throw the elderly in the streets when there are simply no ltc beds, or beds anywhere for that matter. cookies for all.
  24. Formula is always: Volume to be infused _________________ X Drop factor (gtts) Hours (into minutes) So your equation would be 500 divided by 240 (there 240 minutes in 4 hours) multiplied by your drop factor of 15. It comes out to 31.25, but you obviously can't have "quarter of a drop" so you round it down to 31.
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    Jehovah's Witness nurses in the critical care unit?

    Learn something new everyday as the saying goes. I had no idea that JW's were opposed to hanging blood - I thought the prohibition against blood products had to do with "receiving" not "giving". Odd choice of a line of work IMHO given those prohibitions.