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  1. Graduated from the 2 year LPN program in AB. New grad as of this past May. I felt scared and excited, I knew that I knew the "book stuff" because I had a GPA of 3.9 but I knew that "book stuff" doesn't count for much. I wasn't (and still am not) afraid to ask lots of questions - sometimes people think that if they ask "stupid" questions then the more experienced nurses will judge them. I found that they really found my asking questions reassuring; they knew they could trust that I'd be careful and double check if I wasn't sure. Time management, for SURE. It's still an issues, but I know I've made huge improvements since day 1. Gradually, the flood of information on how the unit runs, which Drs are which, which Dr's prefer such and such, which nurses are willing to teach and which are better off left alone, where to find different supplies, what to do in case of _____, all starts to come together. But for sure, going from maybe 2 - 3 patients as a student to 5-6 as a grad nurse is REALLY hard at first. All the different med pass times, care (on my medical unit is is SO heavy, but it's all I know so I just deal with it), charting (God, how I hate charting), etc... it's a lot to manage. I've gotten into a bad habit of not taking my breaks most days... I can't relax on a break knowing that I'm just throwing myself further behind for the end of the day. I'll get "faster" eventually (I hope). Yes. From a solid knowledge base of A&P, Patho, Assessment, Skills, etc, for sure! What we've studied as LPN's is the same (in these areas, greatly diminished in the more academic "Nursing Theory" stuff) as the new grad RN's who are hitting the floor. In fact, I was already mentoring 3rd year RN students this last week who were taking on of some of my patients and I actually feel that I had more preparation and knowledge when it comes to skills than they did at this point in their program. They were shocked to find out I was "only" an LPN (grit my teeth and smile) and moreso, that I was a new grad myself. They were so relieved to find someone friendly and willing to answer questions. I don't really think there is more I could have learned in school - school can only take you so far, the rest you have to learn as you go - sink or swim. I think the foundation laid was really solid. As far as an LPN program goes though, they cannot cram one single additional skill into our packed program. If they want to continue to increase our scope of practice, they're going to have to lengthen the program. As it is, we are now capable (and expected) to learn PICC care and maintenance, and that wasn't taught in school except in broad generalities. I'm not in a rush to certify on that - I don't get paid enough . Fellow staff. In the hectic rush that is a typical acute medical unit, sometimes the more experienced nurses forget that we new grads don't have the experience that they do and how overwhelming it all can be sometimes (especially emergent situations). They can get short and snippy and I feel bad for the other new grads who've made some (sometimes serious) errors. Once you get "labelled" it's really hard to live that down. I suppose in an ideal world, more placement time would help, but truly, until you're out on your own there is nothing that can really prepare you. Hopefully this feedback was useful for you. I can clarify or elaborate for you if there is anything else you're wondering. Take care!
  2. CuriousStudent1108

    CPNRE Sept 14, 2011

    Got my results today - PASS! I'm in AB. Best of luck!
  3. CuriousStudent1108

    CPNRE Sept 14, 2011

    A bunch of girls from my class got their results yesterday. I'm still waiting, nothing in my mailbox yesterday. There was a girl who was just unbelievably... er, well, anyhow, none of us expected her to pass... but she did. So, I've told myself if SHE can pass, there's no way I didn't! LOL
  4. CuriousStudent1108

    CPNRE Sept 14, 2011

    The info on results we were given stated that failure to pass notices would be sent by Registered mail.
  5. CuriousStudent1108

    RPN/LPN jobs in Canada

    I turned down the offer of a full time line. I'm staying casual. Currently working full time hours, but want the flexibility of being able to choose when I can get time off. For the record, even though I'm casual, I DO work nights and weekends. I'm in AB. I have a SIL in healthcare in MB and they were hiring all types of nurses like mad a while back. Haven't checked recently.
  6. CuriousStudent1108

    New Calgary hospital staffing plan to exclude LPN's?

    Page 4 of the new Fall issue. In the "From the College" article titled, "A Collaborative Practice Strategy" I'll excerpt the relevant part: As a new grad LPN, I would LOVE to see a MAJOR advertising blitz by the CLPNA. I really don't feel that people understand the education we now possess, the role we play, the expanse of our scope, and that we are are valued and integral members of a health care team. In my facility without LPNS in the mix, they'd be sunk. Currently the only thing that differentiates my ability to give care from that of an RN is my ability to "spike the bag" on a blood product (I do EVERYTHING else) or to care for PICC lines. I could certify on the PICCS and do those too, but, quite frankly, I'm in no hurry to carry that level of acuity without the recognition or pay that an LPN should have if their scope is so similar to the RN. Again, I'm comparing myself to RN's on my unit and not "in general".
  7. Just reading the Care magazine in which it mentions that the new mega-hospital in south Calgary may be planning to staff the hospital using RN's and HCA's and not LPN's? Any of you know of this is true? If so, what a slap in the face to all the LPN's currently employed by AHS!
  8. CuriousStudent1108

    Edmonton nurses: where to buy scrubs?

    Daily Scrubs .ca. I've bought all Koi pants, because theirs are the best in terms of being both comfortable and flattering. I buy my scrub tops at Giant Tiger and sometimes Marks.
  9. CuriousStudent1108

    LPN, will I be respected as a nurse?

    A new grad LPN from my class is currently being orientated to the NICU here... so it does happen.
  10. CuriousStudent1108

    Well, I'm not a Curious Student anymore...

    and so I'll be retiring my Allnurses' account here. Can't believe the 3 years went by so fast. I got lots of good advice in my posts and readings here (read a lot more than I ever posted). I finished my last student shift yesterday, so I'm going to retire this account and start a new one. I was a bit silly and posted WAY too much identifiable information about myself. I'll be more careful in the future. Just wanted to say "YAY!" and thanks to all of you - I'll be seeing you around the boards you just might not recognize me.
  11. CuriousStudent1108

    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    Thanks Ogopogo - I can't believe how the time seems to have flown. I am so happy to nearly be done, I know that a casual position is a foot in the door and I'm happy to start there. Things are opening up in AB so hopefully it won't be long. I asked about the insulin protocol - apparently they will all have the pens which you just dial up the right number and they "poke" themselves. If they are unable it defaults to me... just so many little things that seem asinine. I LOL'ed at the suggestion they hire the housekeepers to chart. :) It's not a fit for the type of skilled nurse I want to be - I like the hands on, but not housekeeping... I don't want to spend my time charting all day and trying to wrangle the HCA's into getting all the "housework" done. I've BEEN a HCA while in school... I know how political and soap opera-ish it can be. Now add the work of housekeeping to the pile? Nah I don't want to babysit that nightmare. PS: I think I need a new screen name hey? No longer a "Curious Student" - I've done it, I'm a nurse!
  12. CuriousStudent1108

    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    I tidy patient rooms when I go in - who likes a big mess? But tidying and cleaning (we got a tutorial on which rags are used on which surfaces!) are two different things. *sigh* I am afraid this COULD be the future of nursing. I don't know - certainly seems to be for LTC. The nurses there will lose evermore respect from their colleagues if housekeeping becomes a main part of the job description.
  13. CuriousStudent1108

    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    Yep, you guys are all confirming my gut feeling. I did get an offer today for a casual position on a med/telemetry floor, so I'll resign and let the housekeeping/nursing duties go to some other hapless nurse. At the risk of sounding... racist... and I DON'T mean to at ALL because I respect all nationalities *you'll see my point in a minute* I was quite surprised at orientation too. This is a non-union facility, the LTC facility they are closing down IS unionized and many of those workers are out of a job when the final resident transfers are complete. The new facility has, out of 50-60 new hires in kitchen, HCA, housekeeping and nursing, only 15ish members who are NOT Filipino. Now here's my point: what better way to keep your facility union-free than to hire staff who will NEVER ever "rock the boat" because they are so happy to have a decent paying job (they've matched local union base pay rates) and are afraid to lose it?? I could be wrong I guess (and feel free to correct me) but I see that as a fairly deliberate move on the part of senior management here. The ones from the old facility who are pro union and caucasian (for the most part) did NOT get hired.
  14. CuriousStudent1108

    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    The on-site pharmacy will be packaging all the meds with pt name, name of pill, description of pill ie: "Mr.Smith, Levodopa, round, white pill" and these will all be kept in a locked pill box and in a locked drawer in each patient's room just as the meds would be if they lived in their own home (the idea being: this IS their home). I can't seem to clarify if they're passing under my license - I wouldn't think so but don't know for sure. If the resident refuses the meds, they chart it on the MAR and in the communication book. I hate the idea that I don't know who is taking what, how they're taking it - how it's being handled (if the pt. refuses). I don't think I'll stay. Makes me really nervous. And it's not unionized so you have zero protection should something go haywire.
  15. CuriousStudent1108

    "The Nurses and HCA's will be responsible for...

    Oh, and doing the residents laundry (not including facility linens) and cooking breakfasts in the "cottage". It's the Eden philosophy - less "institutional" which I guess blurs the lines between professional nursing care and general housekeeping...