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  1. congrats guys!!! hope all goes well with school! it is crazy, but worth it and it FLIES!!!
  2. CRNA or DNP?

    ^^^^ why not both?
  3. Route Guidance for BSN/RN wanting CRNA

    If you want to become a better candidate and prepare for CRNA school, increase GPA by taking chemistry (organic) and physics courses. They are often prereqs anyways. CCRN is another great way to show you have the knowledge base and can study. Noth...
  4. crna loan payment plan after graduation

    One of the major factors is tuition. Some schools are much more expensive than others. In my program, there are many students that will be finished with 150-200k in debt...
  5. gpa IN crna school and job prospects

    Nursing365, PM sent
  6. Best start on road to CRNA

    ICU residency!!!! i partcipated in one and was the best thing i ever did (for my bedside nursing career)...
  7. Do CRNA schools care where you got your BSN?

    I do not doubt that that is the case. In fact, I was surprised no one asked me about my school. but "most" schools?
  8. does Burn count as ICU

    dont mean to keep going and going, but i started there as a new grad as well!!!
  9. does Burn count as ICU

    I would NEVER trade my burn experiene for anything! Those burn survivors are so inspiring and the staff is so dedicated and compassionate. I have never seen anything like it before or since! It was difficult to leave...enjoy your time there. Which u...
  10. does Burn count as ICU

    I made it into a CRNA program from a burn unit. You just need to present the unit's strengths. No doubt i feel that my cvicu classmates are a bit more prepared... I recommend contacting any specific programs you may be applying to.
  11. Do CRNA schools care where you got your BSN?

    I went to a school that is similar tot he one you are describing. No one asked, no one seemed to care. They did ask me about my science GPA, and my ICU experience. Those matter more anyway. If you have a specific school you want to apply to it ne...
  12. From Chemical Engineering to CRNA

    shadow a CRNA if you have not done so.
  13. gpa IN crna school and job prospects

    RollTider11, Thanks for your reply. That is what my colleagues and I assumed, but I thought I would just put it out there!
  14. gpa IN crna school and job prospects

    There are too many "GPA for CRNA school" threads to list. My question is a bit different. i am currently enrolled in CRNA school and doing okay. Mostly A's, a couple B's. My question is about GPA IN CRNA school and whether it matters in the job marke...