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  1. crazy lucy

    LPN Starting Salary

    Anyone from Georgia? What do you make in hospital, and in nursing home. I work in hospital - 2 years exp and make base rate 15.76 plus shift diff 3-11 which is 2.25 more per hour. I didn't see anyone from Georgia. Lucy
  2. Hi! For all of those who work in the hospital, how are you set up? I work on a medical/dialysis floor. 1. Are you allowed to have your own patients? How many patients can you have partnered? 2. If you are paired with an RN - what duties do you do and what does the RN do? 3. Are you allowed to do the assessment on the patient? Does the RN sign off on it? 4. How does your day go? 5. What state do you work in? I'm in Georgia. Our hospital is working on defining the roles for LPNs. I'm excited that I get to help with it and have a say. Thanks, Lucy
  3. crazy lucy

    Does your facility have a dedicated I.V. team?

    Yes, our hospital has a dedicated IV team. They start all IV's (except sometimes in the ER - but there is a person assigned to that area). They also are allowed to DC most picc lines. They are the only ones allowed to change the dressings on the picc lines and central lines. Almost always they are johnny on the spot, however, there are times they are not and we have to repeatedly page them. Hope this helps. Lucy, LPN
  4. crazy lucy

    MAGNET STATUS - LPNs - defined roles

    Hello to all, I'm on a mission. The health care system I work for in Georgia does not have defined roles for LPNs. Georgia state also does not have a Scope of Practice, per se, you go by your hospital's rules, pretty much. Which means, we are lumped together with NCAs on the staffing grid. We can team lead partnered with an NCA with up to 6 patients or we can have 3 to 4 patients by ourselves. The charge RN must co-sign all assessments and care plans. We can do all the things an RN does except - hang k-runs, push IV cardiac meds, hang blood (however we can witness and monitor the patient while blood is going). Some days we come in and we are the vital sign, accu checker, ADLs , pass no meds person:angryfire Our hospital is seeking Magnet status and must have defined roles for LPNs. I'm extremely happy to be involved with helping to define the roles. I am on an information gathering mission. Here are some questions: 1. Who works in Georgia as LPNs, how are you set up? Do you have your own team? Do you always work as a nurse or do you get switched around from one day to the next? 2. Anybody in Georgia working at a magnet hospital? Do you have LPNs and are you being phased out? If your are being phased out, are you given the opportunity to go back to school? At who's expense? Does your hospital even hire LPNs? 3. Anybody in any other state work for a magnet hospital? How are your roles defined? Thanks for your efforts and time in helping me out. I'm trying to make a better workplace for my fellow LPNs. Thanks, Lucy:uhoh3:
  5. Okay folks, I admit it. I'm full of questions today. Is anybody out there a LPN at a Magnet hospital? I work at Wellstar Cobb and they are trying to get magnet status. Does it make it better or worse for LPNs? How has it changed your hospital? Just interested, Lucy
  6. crazy lucy


    Hi everyone, I have a question. I would love to know what the scope of practice is in Georgia for LPNs. I've got to the State Board of Nursing for Georgia and tried to find it. I've not been able to. One thing I did find is a document that had a bunch of mumbo, jumbo. Any suggestions on where to find this information in plain english? Thanks, Lucy
  7. crazy lucy

    new lpn salary

    Holy Poopers! I'm an LPN in Georgia at a hospital. I work 72 hours plus a pay period (bi-weekly) and my base rate is 15.30:madface:. I'm about to get a big 40 cent raise:lol2:. I would imagine that LTAC would make better, however, I love what I'm learning on the floor. So I guess I'll just keep working toward my RN online. Hey, Kudos!!! to those how are making really good! Stay proud! Lucy
  8. crazy lucy

    LPNs glorified Techs?

    I agree with what ERTraumaJunkie says! I got a license and I'm not afraid to use it! I worked too hard for it to be slapped down. I work in a hospital. I work on a really good floor with really good support from the RNs. We are usually partnered together and work as a team. Sometimes I take a patient load of 6 with a NCA or maybe I have 3 to 4 pts by myself. Either way, they are mostly helpful (there are always bad apples in a pile sometimes) and allow me to work in my scope of practice. They always pull me to see interesting stuff and to learn new stuff. I love my job and I will always believe that the rough times in clinical better prepared me for bedside healthcare than if I had went to RN school. I would never trade the experience or training I got from my LPN clinicals. I think LPNs are better prepared than RNs. The are so stuck on "theory" and lots of times don't get their hands dirty during clinicals. Anyway, that is my opinion and I'm sticking to it! Crazy Lucy!
  9. crazy lucy

    Working in a Georgia Hospital

    Hi Folks, I'm new to this site. I have a questions for all you LPNs who work in a hospital. I have been a LPN for 2 years in Georgia. I am a staff nurse on a renal/tele floor. I have a question for other Georgia or out of state people. What is your role on the floor? At the hospital I'm at, one day I could be a nurse with 3 but no more than 4 patients by myself. When this happens - I do everything - assessments (which the Charge RN signs off on) pass all meds (except IV cardiac or BP meds)- vitals- baths etc. I could have up to 6 patients with a NCA. Some days I could come in and be partnered with an RN and depending on the RN - I might be a nurse that day by passing meds - vitals - baths (no assessing pts) or a NCA. How do other hospitals work? Just curious and checking my options. Any input would be appricated. Sincerely, Crazy Lucy:lol2: