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    Sent STUPID email "joke": what now?

    Leader25: Nope. No meetings, no union discussions, no discipline discussed. Not sure where you pulled those conclusions from, but---no.
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    Sent STUPID email "joke": what now?

    First off, here's a quick rule for work emails: do NOT put any names in the "to" field/leave it entirely blank until you're absolutely positively sure you want to send it, and THEN address it. I failed on my own general rule with that. I wrote a long "joke" email to a doc that had been an ongoing issue with us for a bit---a good-natured thing. It was a "joke taken to its illogical conclusion". As fun as that was to chat about, I'd been drinking some wine while writing it, so decided it was best to leave that email alone and go to bed. HOWEVER, it was in my "drafts" folder. Long story short, next day I'd been trying to finish up all kinds of things before my vacation started, and THAT STUPID EMAIL ENDED UP GETTING SENT along with the necessary others. As in, to a HUGE portion of our dept docs. Next thing I know, my mgr is texting me with, essentially, "WOW!" comments, and "I've spent my morning apologizing, suggest you do as well, and WHAT is your [damage control plan]?" (This was my first notification that this stupid joke email WENT OUT.) I spoke with the doc who was the intended recipient/whom I'd been joking around with (knows it was an ongoing joke/extension but who was horrified that it went out to a bunch of other docs--"I mean, people get FIRED for this kind of thing!") I spoke with the medical director of our dept, who made the very salient comments about "you can't control where these electronic things go, or how they'll be viewed or received". Now I'm slightly living in fear that my "funny" email will end up all over the frigging internet, with my name VERY clearly attached. (It really wasn't that funny, very much an inside joke, so I can't say this bit is keeping me up at night. BUT STILL, what a horrid thought!) I spoke with the director of our entire area, who understood the whole background/joke of the entire thing (we even had a wee laugh about the background of it) but was also very clear about making sure "any future emails are kept professional". She told me that she felt it was adequate that I had spoken with the two docs previously mentioned, as well as my own mgr. I'd asked my mgr to call me when able...that didn't happen. And now I'm technically on vacation for several weeks. (This all happened during my last day before vacation.) Honestly, I'm wondering if my manager didn't call because he's working up a "you're fired" case. I know he has a huge amount of other current big projects going on, but don't know if he's just busying writing things up so that he can properly/legally fire me. #1--I'm in a position that is not readily replaced #2--don't trust corporate drones: bad Yelp review? You're gone. #3--know I was a complete idiot with this "joke" that went over like a lead balloon, AND which was never intended to be sent without further editing #4--strong union here, but don't think they've anything for me if someone high up decides to fire me (basically unprofessional email). While "unprofessional email" really doesn't seem a good reason to fire a nurse, I certainly know it can be deemed so. Lord knows, anything that garners negative press these days means your employer "MUST" fire you, lest they be seen as agreeing with your actions. So I'm currently both grateful for AND hating my vacation right now, primarily because I've not spoken with my mgr/didn't return my call, and now he probably "shouldn't" as I'm on vacation. Feel as though I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Wondering if I should be spending my time off looking for another job, in the event I go back to a corporate firing. SO: let this stupidity be a lesson for you, and do NOT do what I did! ALSO: any words of wisdom that anyone might care to share? -Zuzu's Petals