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  1. lpnurse!


    2 babies, breastfeeding, one baby with chronic ear infections and sugery and many sleepless nights, and every thing else in life. it was hard, somedays almost impossible, and always challenging. my classmates had study groups that i couldnt attend because no daycare, and no one in town to help you get a good nights sleep before your inal exam. BUT its definitly do able. if you are commited and you want it, its yours. think of your children watching you graduate, and it will be wonderful for you to tell them you did it, what a good role model. some days it s what drived me have to work harder i know going back to school for this was for me, and for them to give them a better life. the best thing that helped me, my teacher told me, when you kids, teach them. you learn the best from teaching others, it sounds silly and sometimes they look at you like your crazy but teach them. i played games like name the bones on the body, wheres your femur? etc. you can do it!! i found support form my kids, this site, and any where i can find it. best of luck to you the hardest part is deciding what you want to do, and your almost there. good for you
  2. lpnurse!

    My two least favorite words

    In psych: " just re-direct" pt " targeting you" In LTC: "can you give ..... PRN?' " crush c pudding" In hospital: " involved family" ...never good "flow sheets" "pathways and protocols" ha ha good thread, just my experience!
  3. lpnurse!

    Unbelievable Family Members

    i have a family memeber whos writtin a care plan for a resident and givin to us to follow. it is a real care plan. it is helpful, and not.
  4. so my availibility is mon to fri days due to i ask daycare hours. and i just stated a new job and toke a casual position due to my limited availibility. my employer called me and asked if i can work tommorw because somone is sick, i said yes. then she said the person you are filling in for works the next night, can you work nights? me: no im sorry, im not able to , and its not in my availibility employer: (curtly) may i ask why? me: yes, i have daycare issued, my daycare is not open nights, and i dont know anyone in town to help me. emplo: well are you trying? me: yes, if you can find somone for the night shift, ill work that day if needed. emplyo: well , the people here dont "Beliieve in NUrses working mon to fri days!" me; well ok this is my availbitiyl wich i gave when i got hired. (politly) call me if you need me. can she ask me why im not availible???? i should have said NO you may not!!!!! and 2nd. dont speak for all people when its you that thinks this. 3rd- nurses are people too, people who have daycare, and possibly limiited availibility, was she implying because you are a nurse you should not be a nurse if you can t work shift work or weekends? i love my job am i looking to much into this nasty comment? ok thanks for the vent
  5. lpnurse!


    thank you very much for everyone replying to my question. I was studying for my LPN national exam. I had been using the study guide, and came to this question. I completly get it now, and i wrote the exam, and this question was my last question on the exam, nearly word for word. I m so thankful i asked, and thank ful you all toke the time to explain it.
  6. lpnurse!


    Catheter question. there is a question in my study guide and i dont understand. Question:pt has become aggitated and accidently disconnects the urinary catheter from the drainage system. What would the best course of action for the practical nurse to take? 1. irrigate the cath. and reattach the cath. to the drainage system 2. attach a new drainage system to the catheterr, and moniter urine output. 3. tape the cath. securely to his leg, and moniter urine output 4.insert new catheter and attach a drainage system. appartently the correct awnser is 2. i dont understand the ratioale? if it is a closed sterile system, why woulnt you change everything, since the cath is now contaminated. if it was a condom catheter i can see it being diffrent. but it says urinary. ive tried looking this up, and cant find any info about this, if anyone has some insight id really appreaciate it. thank you.
  7. also ours is marked on a bell curve, so you dont know how amny you will need to pass. and it is only a pass or fail.
  8. I am a LPN student from canada taking my exam next week. I m just curoius how it works in the states, because i hear some people say they have 260 questions and some have 75? why is it diffrent? Here we have about 230 questions, we write book one in the moring and book 3 in the afternoon. everyone has the same amount of questions but not hte same test. they are multiple choice. im so thankful for this format because for me i think check all that apply would be tough. thanks!
  9. lpnurse!

    prime sub q buterfly

    sorry i should have specified. i was reffreing to priming morphine, so i know you prime with what you are giving for the first time. but its the amount i was reffreing to, isnt it 0.4 ml? thank you!
  10. lpnurse!

    prime sub q buterfly

    can anyone tell me what to prime with sub q butterfly? isnt it 0.4 ml? thank you!
  11. lpnurse!

    obvoius question , need help

    i keep reading my book, and threads , i feel like ive memeorized it but dont understand it, i basically just want to to, if hypo is for people that are dehyrated? and is trhe least common form of iv fluid?
  12. lpnurse!

    obvoius question , need help

    hello, thank you for any help anyone might be able to offer. i know this is pretty basic but im trying to understand iv fluid classification. i get isotonic(expand intravasular spaced), and i get hypertonic (edema- pull fluid from cells to interstitial space) but i thought hypotonic would be fro dehyration. my books say dehdration and that made sence to me, move blood vessals into the cells) however my teacher said hyper tonic is used for dehdration. she tried to explain it, i just dont see the diffrence between cellelar dehydration and body dehrration. i would thin if you are dehyrated your cells are definitly dehydrated. also she said hypo is very very uncommon and rarley used.
  13. lpnurse!

    Get my finals results tommorow

    I Did It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You For Support! I Feel Like A Million Bucks, ....lol, And Im Going Out Tomooow!!!!
  14. lpnurse!

    Get my finals results tommorow

    ok i no its not my nationals....... but it is for semester one. LPN i finished first semester this week and wrote 6 finals, this week. tomoorw we show up they give us a envelopethat says our mark, and its 75 % to pass, if you fail one you may do one rewrite but if you fail that then you are dis enrolled. IM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive work tremndesoly hard on this, but I am most afraid of anatomy and phisiology! I am so anxoius, does anyone out htere have any advice? my instructior says just dont think about it the die has been cast. but i cant, everything i know is riding on this, and im so scared ive failed. i cant get the funding to repeat, i feel like i cant breath even thinking about it. how can i wait till tomoorow? what if i failed? what will i do?
  15. lpnurse!

    LPN Tuition-how much did you pay?

    21,000 private college too, 12 months, 6 hour days. b.c.. i heard if you work in a small town for every year you can get your loan forginivn by 1/3, every year.
  16. lpnurse!

    lpn a nurse

    thank you everyone, im sorry to be so uptight. i admit my wording was off

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