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  1. Soon2BeRN2008

    RN-MSN program

    the program im looking into at UMDNJ u dont need a bachelors in something else for...its for associate level RN's that want to go right into the MSN....heres a C&P from umdnj's website for their requirements: i would love to find something like this in south jersey too but kean & tcnj both require u to have a bachelors in something else...guess i will have to keep looking lol i figure i have til april or else ill just apply to umdnj 1. graduation from a U.S. or equivalent National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) diploma or associate degree in nursing program, 2. a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0, 3. Current licensure as a Registered Nurse in New Jersey 4. Completion of a Basic Statistics course including inferential and descriptive statistics with a minimum grade of "C", 5. three letters of recommendation, 6. a minimum score of 95 out of 120 (computer-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) for applicants who are not graduates of a U.S. college or university, 7. evidence of current American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) certification for Adult, Child, Infant and AED, ]8. completion of all prerequisite course requirements heres a link to the program if anyone else is interested in it http://sn.umdnj.edu/academics/rn2msn/RNMSNcurriculumsheet-111805.pdf
  2. Soon2BeRN2008

    RN-MSN program

    does anyone know any bridge programs from RN (asn) to MSN other then UMDNJ? im looking to go PT but we also want to move to toms river and commuting to the stratford campus or the newark campus would be hard for me....i graduate this May from an ASN program but want to eventually get an NP and i figured the bridge program would be the best/fastest way to go
  3. Soon2BeRN2008

    Night nursing school in NJ ????

    i go to hudson county community college and attend the bayonne medical center school of nursing....they have both a day & night program and they dont have a waiting list either...i applied in may 2006 and was accepted for sept 2006
  4. Soon2BeRN2008

    Who's got the dorkiest student uniforms?

    i go to a hospital based school which is attached to a community college that also has another hospital based school our hospital has pretty nice uniforms...teal tops and white bottoms with a long white lab coat with the school patch on the arms the other school OMG....white pants, red & white striped shirt & a white vest....its horrid they look like candy stripers on crack esp the men lol we have to wear our uniform to every clinical except when we went to psych cuz the patients there wont talk to u if they think ur a nurse apparently
  5. Soon2BeRN2008

    Help! I just started nursing school!

    i didnt read everything word for word and when it came to the final i had to go back and reread the whole damn book practically....read it while u can...i have 4 small children so i know how hard it is....read when the kids are taking a bath, read when they are sleeping, my friend used to tape her notes and put her headphones on at night when she was sleeping and it would play til the tape was done...she said it helped but i never tried that....find ur way of studying and go from there....trust me it SUCKS when u realize at the end of the semester that u have to go back and read everything...im starting my senior year next week so i know how it feels...good luck
  6. Soon2BeRN2008

    when things happen

    this is how i feel...i wish school would hurry up and start cuz then ill be that closer to graduating lol....i cant wait to hurry up and start the rest of my life :) i am also starting my 3rd semester on aug 30th with a transition seminar on thursday :balloons: