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  1. mamamccoy

    What would you do?

    Thanks. The bummer is - the nurse I sub for is pregnant, high risk and I'm subbing for her maternity leave. We have no other sub nurses and 5 type 1 diabetics at school - let alone asthma!!! this bites
  2. mamamccoy

    What would you do?

    I sub for the nurse at my kid's school. I'm an RN but only sub since I have a daughter with Type 1 and a son with HLHS, pacemaker, asthma. My kids overall are pretty healthy. they have had their seasonal flu shot, waiting for H1N1. I subbed at school two days last week and we had a high rate of illness - over 50% of two classes either out sick or I sent home ill. Health dept called, we need to screen for illness, allow high risk staff/students to stay home. This is a small community - k-12 school - I was asked to come in to help screen kids for illness when we go back to school tomorrow. I know more kids have come down with the illness. Two quandries: 1. My kids are both high risk - do I keep them home? 2. Since my kids are high risk - do I stay home? Also leaving end of week for vacation - hoping we all stay well. The kids at school were healthy in am - maybe headache, or sore throat - no fever, couple of hours later - 102, 103. SCARY:eek:
  3. mamamccoy

    Thinking of LTC

    thanks so much for the advice - I appreciate it! I'm putting in my app today - also thinking of a job in an md office where one of my friends is an APN, part time 3 days a week - i think i would love it as far as the pt teaching aspect, being part of a team, but think weekend position at nh would be better _ I have a 12 yo son born with hypoplastic left heart and asthma - he missed 30 days of school last year due to asthma & had 2 caths for embolization of fistulas & close a hole in his heart - he had an awesome summer & was not sick at all - today is home sick with his asthma!!!!!!! AGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! thanks for the advice & letting me vent!!!!!
  4. mamamccoy


    I am trying to return to nursing after being out of the field for over 7 years. I'm filling out apps and having difficulty with the salary area and 1 nurse managers name which I think I remember. What to do if you can't remember salaries????? thnx
  5. mamamccoy

    Thinking of LTC

    Thanks for all the help - I'm putting in my app!
  6. mamamccoy

    Thinking of LTC

    thanks for the info - anything I should ask about when/if I interview? Also, I've seen people refer to Baylor hours? what is that?
  7. mamamccoy

    Thinking of LTC

    I'm thinking of returning to work after 7yrs of at home with kids - background is med/surg, neuro/surg & home care but thinking of applying at NH in town - weekends. Looking for advice - thnks in advance:balloons:
  8. mamamccoy

    Thinking of change

    I spent 3 years in home health & loved it - you have a great deal of independence and it is truly a learning experience - you get the privilege of caring for patients in their own homes where they want to be and teaching their families how to care for them (can be good - sometimes bad with family dynamics - also living conditions - some days I left for work thinking my house was filthy, came home that night saying I could eat off my floor!!!) You also have to improvise and have good nursing judgement to make independent decisions - MDs are truly dependent on you for your input since they generally don't make house calls. Give it a try!!!
  9. mamamccoy

    Returning to nursing

    I have been out of nursing for 7 years now - I have kept my license and CPR certification current and am thinking about going back to work part time. I have filled in as the school nurse a few times and home care is my love but I feel rusty - I could start an IV, insert a catheter, change dressings but so much else has changed - new meds, new procedures. Anyone have any advice on getting this old girl back into circulation? thanks