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  1. auwrestler197


    Well, I did it. I turned in my application for the local school's ADN and one for their LPN (just in case) programs. I too am already nervous and won't know anything from either until early November. That sucks. I HATE waiting...........:uhoh3::madface: Everyone have a great day.
  2. auwrestler197

    Applying For Spring '08?

    I will be applying for Spring '08 at Wallace College in Dothan. I hate waiting............. Good luck!
  3. auwrestler197


    What is the NLN test? I am applying to our local nursing school for Spring '08 and I have not read or been told anything about this test. By the way, the local school is Wallace Community College in Dothan, AL. Am I missing something?
  4. auwrestler197

    Who loves it??????

    Thank you all for the great replies. I really appreciate it. I am going to fill out my application for NS this evening.
  5. auwrestler197

    "At will employment" have you heard of this?

    Well, I currently work in management in a construction trade in an "at will" state (Alabama) and the term "at will" really means that an employer can fire/release you for any reason. If they don't like your new tattoo or your hair they can fire you. But it really is a joke because the employer would have to prove that it wasn't discrimination, etc...(because of all of the other employment laws). And we all know that would be a hard thing to do. There are so many things an employee could point to as the reason an employer illegaly fired them, and even in an "at will" state, most judges will not push the issue with all of the other laws involved. Does this make sense? (I think I just confused myself...lol.)
  6. auwrestler197

    Who loves it??????

    I get so depressed sometimes reading this stuff. Soooooo many nurses hate their jobs. I work in construction management. Cut-throat, demeaning, nasty, ect..... more than you could imagine. I want a new career. Nursing seems like it would be a great fit, but I keep hearing all of the complaints. It is really getting me down and second guessing my thoughts of going to nursing school. So,,,,,,,, who loves their jobs? Speak up to those of us considering this profession. Thank you.
  7. auwrestler197

    more advice needed.

    Hello all. What I am about to ask may seem stupid, strange, whatever but I gotta know. I am a male considering nursing (RN). My wife thinks I would be great at it. I take care of my 4 small children very well. Here's the thing; I hear on a lot of forums like this one that - 1). Male nurses do all the heavy lifting. (Not really worried about that, I'm not a small fellow and would mostly see it as a good workout.) 2). (And I mainly hear this from disgruntled nurses) The majority of what nurses do is clean up poo, and vomit, etc... Well, what is the deal? I have been told by some nurses that I know that they rarely do nasty stuff like poo, vomit, and showers, etc... Only that every now and then they may help the techs/cna's/whatever do these things as their job (as LPN's and RN's) is to do the drug dispersement and paperwork. I get a lot of different views and would like to know what exactly I am getting into before I jump in headfirst. DON'T GET ME WRONG. I don't mind dirty stuff (like I said, 4 small kids) but I'd rather that not be the predominent part of my day. I thought about getting a part time job as a patient tech to see but figured they do so much crappy work (no pun intended) that it would scare me away from the profession altogether. I hope nobody takes this to sound as bad as it probably does, but I am just curious. Any advice? BTW: I would be more then happy to help other nurses with all the heavy lifting if they would do my share of the nasty stuff!!!
  8. auwrestler197

    License Revocation

    All this talk I hear about people fearing losing their license, does anyone know someone personally that has lost their license because of a mistake they made? Thanks.
  9. auwrestler197

    Anyone going to Wallace in Selma vs. Troy in Montgomery

    http://www.wallace.edu/deptpages/health/rnbsn/ Here you go.
  10. auwrestler197

    Anyone going to Wallace in Selma vs. Troy in Montgomery

    I may be wrong about this but I read that Wallace ADN grads can get a BSN from the University of Alabama (Capstone College) completely online. That's what I read on the Dothan campus website anyway.