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  1. missangelkitty

    Staffing levels on Telemetry Units

    Just want to get a general feeling out there.. I work on a 78 bed Telemetry floor( split int two sides ) dealing with high acuity patients... until now the standard grid has been 1-5, with nurses being pushed to 6 fairly routunely and sometimes 7 patients each shift.. it is not uncommon to have 10 admits and 10 discharges during each shift on each side.. ( 20 admits /20 discharges per shift ).. it has been recently annouced that we will be going to a 1-6 ratio as the standard .. is this a standard in other hospitals ?
  2. missangelkitty

    Military/VA RN's - Please post experiences for Students

    Wow . reading that comment about Air Force Nurses /mil nurses barely touching paitents.. etc is shocking... after finishing nursing school.. an accelerated one year BSN program, I will be entering the Armys Nursing corp... I can hardly wait as know the challenges will be great... not only to become the best nurse I can, but to excell as an officer, leader and soldier.... I know that many people will depend on me , from the troops I care for, to their ffamilies back home, ... its a huge challenge that I am willing to take on.. and at 42 believe me it certainly isnt an easy one... but it is one I gladly will take on... since these brave men and women have gone before me to protect mine and all of ours freedom.... Everyone in the nursing profession should consider giving some time to their local VA/ or military base... even if its to volunteer... or look into what they have to offer in the way of a career... When I went to speak to the Health care recruiter I was amazed at what the Army had to offer... they are paying for EVERYTHING !!!!! I didnt go there looking for money for school... but when I left I found out just how much I was needed.... And In the civilian world I work with a lot of people that dont really want to work and dont take their jobs seriously... I have been told " oh , you will be sent to Iraq.... " well great... At least , there, people will take paitent care seriously there !!!