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  1. Errrrrrrrr..... I dun use facebook:( ok I'll send you a long email soon:) yeah..... Sorry for the OT hehehhe :) thanks Ryan:)
  2. I've been lurking around hehehe I have much to tell you! You don't seem to log in to yahoo anymore.... Nice to know that you are doing well!
  3. Ryan:yeah::yeah: Glad yer back with yer inspiring words heheheh :)
  4. Hey Haoyin!!!!! Glad yer back!!! :yeah::yeah: Errrrr...Lithotomy was wayyyyyyyyyy hotter and smarter though:D:D Thanks for keeping us posted. wish you all the best:D:D
  5. mynalla check out this thread. https://allnurses.com/philippine-nursing-forum/ielts-just-6days-315110-page2.html If you need more links.. pm me I can email you more stuff for yer review:) Good luck!
  6. omg!!!!!! lithotomy!!!! i almost fell off my chair laughing.!!!!!!!:d you rock!!!!!!!:yeah:keep us posted!!!!! wish you guys all the best!!!!:beer: chamat!!!!! for the road!!!! hahahhaa!
  7. @ newmac check this out: http://www.philippines.embassy.gov.au/mnla/Visa_Appln.html
  8. uh_huh?

    ielts in just 6days!! tips?

    these websites might help:up::up: http://www.writefix.com/ argument essay power point presentation:clown: http://www.writefix.com/argument/pri...iles/frame.htm http://www.writefix.com/argument/art2.swf describing graphs:rolleyes: http://adw.hct.ac.ae/site_ilc/sites_...site/index.htm if ye need more just pm me
  9. @ Lithotomy CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!:yeah: :w00t:
  10. I think you need to have 15 post before you can pm. but you probably got the one I sent you? I included my email add there... so maybe ye can email me thru yahoo.
  11. P.S. Describing graphs:clown: http://adw.hct.ac.ae/site_ilc/sites_ielts/graphsite/index.htm
  12. @ remirios these websites might help:up::up: http://www.writefix.com/ http://www.writefix.com/argument/privacyppt_files/frame.htm http://www.writefix.com/argument/art2.swf if ye need more just pm me:d:d :paw: uh_huh?
  13. uh_huh?

    a jobless nurse

    You can check these sites: https://allnurses.com/international-nursing/pinoy-care-visa-425063-page2.html https://allnurses.com/international-nursing/pinoy-care-visa-425063.html
  14. me toooo!!!! meeeee toooo!!!!:D Thank you wahine888!!!!