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    Psych Nurses. Do you hug your patients?

    OMG, absolutely not....there are very good reasons why hugging psych patients is against the rules everywhere and it is for your protection. It is not professional to hug your patients and sets a bad precedent for new nurses. Boundaries must be enforced in order to maintain a therapeutic relationship. Hugging psych patients is a setup for disaster. Your entire career will be compromised sooner or later if you choose to do this. Please refrain from this harmful practice.......
  2. aamco

    Will the nursing shortage ever end?

    no nursing shorage in north carolina
  3. In my humble opinion if I could do it over: keeping in mind return on investment, pay, and current nursing working conditions and knowing what I know now but did't know then, I believe a two year degree in nursing is a very good choice. However, as a four year degree, nursing is a poor choice and I would switch.
  4. aamco

    Staying late to complete your work

    I have been on a busy med surg unit for a year now and I stay over 1 to 2 hours 90% of the time in order to finish up.
  5. I am a 50 yr old career truck driver. My employer went out of business so I went to nursing school. Now I am a new grad with a job offer on a 26 bed med-surg unit. I've just completed my 90 day orientation and have been granted an additional two weeks with the preceptor. My problem is that while I can probably care for five patients, I am still absolutely unable to take care of six patients. The last night I worked I was overwhelmed with pt. care issues for six needy patients. As a result, my preceptor had to work hard to keep me caught up. My nurse manager says not to worry because I will get faster as time goes on. But this does not help my current situation. I need to be faster right now because I will be on my own next week. As bad as I hate to do it, I think I should turn down this job offer. This hurts because I really like the hospital, the unit, and the staff. Should I accept the job and take a chance on six patients? Is there a lower level of care that doesn't require a new grad to be so fast? Is it just me or have other people had this problem?
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    Just wanted to share some links

    Southernlpn, Thank you for the site listings. There is lots and lots of useful information that would be difficult and time consuming to find on my own. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for caring.
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    Welcome Blunight, Allnurses is a great place to be.
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    Hello there :)

    Anorah, Welcome to allnurses. We're glad you're here and we'll get through it together as a team. I wish you good luck.
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    Mysticriver, Welcome to allnurses. This is a really great site. :)
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    Hiyadoin .. very much new to Nursing :)

    Welcome Grayeagle, We're glad you're here.
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    Nursing student stressed!!!

    Dear randeebritt: I cannot speak from personal experience but my friends who are LPN's and RN's tell me that your current feelings are typical for a rookie nurse. You will make mistakes because everyone does. Hang in there. We're all pulling for you. :)