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Az_RN_BSN has 2 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, Tele, ER, Military.

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  1. Az_RN_BSN

    Air Force RCOT

    I can answer questions you have about RCOT...I went 2 yrs ago!
  2. Az_RN_BSN

    Loyola University Chicago ACNP

    I know it's been a while since you posted this....but I'm curious if you got in and started this program :) I just got accepted for Loyola's Emergency/Family NP Program for January.....and would LOVE your input on their program if you're currently attending :)
  3. Az_RN_BSN

    Soo....I got into NP school !!!

    I just found out I got into a Family Nurse Practitioner (with Emergency Room Subspecialty) Program at Loyola University Chicago! So excited/nervous...as I start in January!! Curious to see if anyone else is a current NP student there or starting with me :)
  4. Az_RN_BSN


    So I got back from RCOT and managed to survive. It was a grueling experience to say the least. Biggest complaint was probably the lack of sleep....but all in all it was fine. If anyone has any questions on the experience let me know...:)
  5. Az_RN_BSN


    The day is almost here...I am off to RCOT this Friday. Should be fun :)
  6. Az_RN_BSN

    Countdown to May COT...

    I work as a civilian RN @ Scottsdale Healthcare where they do the NTP for new grads. It's a great facility! You will def enjoy it!
  7. Hello...I am currently employed at the Phoenix VA as well and looking to transfer to Philly. I have an interview tomorrow, so wish me luck! Did you find the process of getting hired in Philly to be easier since you were already in the system? What unit are you working in? When is your start date?
  8. Az_RN_BSN

    Landstuhl Nurses

    Just curious if there are any active duty Air Force nurses out there working @ Landstuhl or any other locations throughout Europe? I am considering the Air Force (once again) and would like a heads up on what it's like working as an Air Force RN out there. I was enlisted was 3 years in the AF and would like to see what the Officer/Nurse world looks like in the Air Force. Thanks!! Eva
  9. Az_RN_BSN


    I took NCLEX on 2/12...My heart dropped when I saw the 1st question..a med I had never heard of before. At 75, it didn't stop and once again I panicked - thinking why didnt it stop? Am I NOT doing well? Then finally..much to my surprise it stops after my 79th question..and I was in awe! I wasn't ready to be done...I was sure I failed..I didn't know the first or last question and had 5 SATA type questions which I am horrible at. Yet here I am one day later..RN, BSN :) It can be done..even @ 79 questions..a number I considered "ODD" to pass at. Good Luck everyone!
  10. Az_RN_BSN

    New Grad Salary in the Phoenix area

    Usually there is not! From what I know...VA & JCL are the only two that really take your BSN into consideration and give ya a differential for it. Why not? It sad that more places don't recognize that. Back East (like NYC)...most hospitals prefer BSNs and offer extra pay for it!
  11. Az_RN_BSN

    New Grad Salary in the Phoenix area

    Well I am doing an externship at the VA Medical Center. Once I complete it and graduate in December, I will start off at $28/hr. If you have not completed their externship...its still like $27. Keep in mind these are BSN rates. ADN rates are like most hospitals..$24 or so...
  12. Az_RN_BSN

    New Grad Salary in the Phoenix area

    Will start January '09 @ $28.00/hr + lots of nice benefits :)
  13. Az_RN_BSN

    Will i be hard to find a job?

    I know I think its crazy! You figure that the biggest city in the US would have more openings!! Phoenix being the 5th largest has plenty of new grad positions from what I've seen tho..unfortunately lol So more than likely I will stay out here for a yr after graduation..then do travel nursing..go back to NYC that way. At least it'll be a guaranteed position..pay and housing. Good Luck with everything! Nice to see that I am not alone
  14. Az_RN_BSN

    Will i be hard to find a job?

    So I am looking to relocate back to NYC after I graduate in December. I'm originally from Brooklyn...but have been living out in Phoenix for a few years. From what I have seen on this board...I'm worried! Is it really that difficult for a new grad BSN to find a decent job out there? I was specifically looking @ NYU Medical Center, NY-Presbyterian, VA Medical Center, among others. Anyone having issues finding a job even with a BSN?
  15. Az_RN_BSN

    Pay for CNA jobs

    Yup!! I guess it only works out great for those that worked weekend nights before. They went from a flat $15 to $17.40 with the wknd and night differential. Go figure!
  16. Az_RN_BSN

    ASU spring '09 start bsn program

    Hello... Well I am at the West Campus now..graduating in December When I came through..my GPA was about a 3.92...Math NET 88% and Reading 78%..we also had the essay portion at the time. So if I got in with my scores..you should not have a problem. Good Luck! Awesome program...but soo glad to be finishing it up!