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vandermom has 42 years experience and specializes in L&D, NICU, PICU, School, Home care.

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  1. vandermom

    Hyperemesis Gravidarum PICC line

    Do you know if they ever do subq raglan. It seems to work better for her.
  2. vandermom

    Hyperemesis Gravidarum PICC line

    The doc told her they would cause clots that could she or the baby could die. She was home with the PICC still needed to come to hospital but much less frequently.
  3. vandermom

    Hyperemesis Gravidarum PICC line

    Pt with horrible hyperemesis still at 31 weeks. Lytes (esp potasium) abnormal. IV sites are non existent so PICC line placed. She did better when able to get meds before emesis gets worse. We were getting conflicting info from other docs that frightened the pt who had PICC removed. Now we are back to trying to find IV sites every few days. Opinions on the PICC lines and/or treatments that will help her get to term with a healthy baby.
  4. vandermom

    post partum hemorrhage medications

    We have 2 PPH "kits" available. One in med fridge and one in tackle box with all admin supplies. Often the Doc is gone 30min after the delivery (small rural hospital). We start treatment with fluids and Pitocin while Doc is being called.
  5. vandermom

    Tips for doctors

    Developing the ability to dictate fast is impressive( though I'm not sure how the transcriptionist feels). PLEASE DO NOT use that skill when you give me telephone orders. I need clear precise orders with all the parameters (drug, dose, route, frequency, prn or routine. If prn then for what condition. ). Thank you for caring enough to ask.
  6. vandermom

    Charge and Resus --How does your facility do it?

    We are a small rural hospital with only a level one nursery. All of the OB nurses are NRP certified and there is an RN dedicated to each delivery vag or C/S. If there are any risk factors present (meconium, gest diabetes, prematurity etc) then a pediatrician is present.
  7. vandermom

    mother-baby RN role in infant suctioning

    Immediately after suctioning is not really the best time to check a O2 sat. Give the babe a minute to recover. You can listen to each nostril to evaluate airflow and use a #10 to suction a blockage. Give the babe time to rest between suction methods.
  8. vandermom

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Lately it has not been the weird names but the strange spellings of common names... Jaysyn for example... I keep my mouth shut when I want to say... do you want ppl pronouncing and spelling your childs name incorrectly for all of his life????
  9. vandermom

    Where is money wasted in healthcare?

    Fill the "RED BAG" with non truly biohazard waste. It is not necessary to place every chux or dressing in those containers... they should soaked to qualify (known infectious excluded). If a red bag is he closest thing available then it is used for almost everything.
  10. vandermom

    Has Anyone Ever USED Their Malpractice Insurance?

    I have had NSO insurance since 1969 when I entered nursing school. Lucky enough (and careful to CYA) to never need it. Feel great knowing that it is there should I need it. I don't broadcast I have it.
  11. vandermom

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    Working in various nursing fields for 36 years has given me a look at the LPN/RN debate many times. It rivals the RN (diploma) vs ASN vs BSN that has also occurred during this time. In a nut shell there are some VERY GOOD LPN's and some VERY BAD LPN's just as there were great RN's and bad BSN's and vise versa. What a good LPN lacks in formal education she can more than makes up for in her caring patient care and unofficial assessment skills. For example an LPN who recognized a crashing pt alerted the code team and did all that was needed while awaiting the arrival of the team. Where was her RN "in charge"... snoozing in the bathroom and was unaware of the calamity on her unit for 30 min. (she's now unemployed). Or how about the LPN who taught the BSN in charge how to put in a foley. She had learned about it in school but never had the chance to actually put one in. In the last 36 years there has been several initiatives to get rid of LPN's or diploma RN's so that health care in hospital was all BSN and ASN or higher. Each time it does not get off the ground. Why? Because hospitals have found the the LPN is a valuable asset to the health care TEAM. In today's DRG's etc for payment for care there has to be a team otherwise the hospitals would all be broke. Many hospitals are walking the very fine line between financial solventcy and closing beds. I worry about what will be available for my children when they reach retirement.
  12. We have no set number of visitors for delivery. It is at the discretion of the MD and pt. (sometimes the entire village is here it seems). Once the table is opened then they must stay at the far side of the bed. I establish "my territory" early on so there is no question as to where people will be.
  13. vandermom

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    Here is one I have heard only in upstate NY. In response to someone saying something like " I like ice cream" we get the answer "So DON'T I". No one would think that person did not like ice crean when, in fact, they do like ice cream. I am amazed at the otherwise intelligent people who use that phrase. I want to shake them (is there such a thing as shaken nurse syndrome?) How about the use of Got and Have.
  14. vandermom

    Nursing school friends = regular friends?

    Graduated 1972!! I see a few class mates "in passing". I also try to connect with two of my closer friends (during school). While having my children we connected a few times a year and I am God mother to both of her daughters. Sadly we only connect (in person) about once a year now but we do e-mail back and forth frequently (sometimes personal sometimes just jokes).
  15. vandermom

    Name that part. Words patients use for their own anatomy.

    How about turtle for penis!
  16. vandermom

    Would you call in because you didn't get any sleep?

    Once. Worked a shift that went from the scheduled 12 hour to 18 and wa working that night as well. Got to bed but the chaos of the shift kept my brain from shutting down. My bedroom is like a cave! Room darkening shades and blinds. Window quilts. Fan on high speed. I live across from a school and can sleep through the school buses usually. No phone. Cell on but no sound (just lights up). Sometimes I see the light sometimes not. You have to protect your sleep when you work nights (never worked days in 35years in hospitals) it is too important to your safety as a nurse and to your own health.