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About Browneyes98

Browneyes98 has 4 years experience and specializes in Hospice, LTC, Dementia Care.

I was a CNA for ten years, then an LPN for 3 years and now an RN since 2011! I am looking at going back to school to get my BSN.

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  1. Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Thank you rob, I have had trouble with Internet Explorer in the past, I use Chrome most most of the time.
  2. Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Thank you Flames, I will check out PERRLA and Grammarly. Using Microsft word Is a great suggestion.
  3. Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    Hello everyone, I have enjoyed reading all your posts. I have decided to enter the GCU RN to BSN program, I see some of you have mentioned instructors to stay away from and ones that were excellent. But I don't see any names listed. Can someone pleas...
  4. Lower Columbia College, Campus Based

    Yes I did have all my pre req's before I applied. You have to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to get in. Checkout there nursing homepage it will explain everything. Good luck!!
  5. Portland or Vancouver

    I just saw a new article that OHSU is hiring again, here in Portland, OR. I also know Providence is as well. With your experience, I dont think you will have a hard time, finding something!! Good Luck!!
  6. Lower Columbia College, Campus Based

    Thanks Pat for all those great tips. I will keep your email as a reminder for when I start. I hope my background will help me out as well, I was a CNA for ten years and obtained my LPN license last year. I have been working as a Charge nurse in a I...
  7. Advice for new grad?

    Dont give up!! I currently work with a new grad RN with a BSN from U of P and she is working as a med aid, because she is in the same boat is you. Just find something in the mean time, while you are still applying, so you have an income, maybe try ...
  8. My application is in!

    YEAH, I GOT IN!! :yeah:I am so excited, I cant believe the wait is finally over! I was so nervous , couldnt stop thinking about it.:heartbeat
  9. Lower Columbia College, Campus Based

    I just found out I have been accepted for the Fall 2010 class. If you have attended this program, I would love to hear of your experiences. Also any tips you have would be wonderful. Thanks
  10. My application is in!

    Well I sent in my application and transcripts. Now all I can do is wait. I am asking anyone who reads this to pray for me, send well wishes my way, any good vibes I can get. These next few weeks until I find out are going to be stressfull!!! If you a...
  11. LPN jobs in Portland Area

    Most of us LPNs are working in the long term setting due to demand and pay. I see more and more clinics going for CMAs because they can pay them less for the same work. Rarely do you see a clinic need someone for IV care or something that only a nurs...
  12. I took my NCLEX on 10/07/08

    :yeah:Man amj1903 your story sounds just like mine, I was calm until the computer shut off and I had 86 questions. I had to only wait until this morning to find out thank god. I couldnt imagine having to wait weeks like some people on this website. ...
  13. I did it!! I PASSED, NEW LPN IN OREGON!

    YEAH, I forgot to about that, I do need to change my name.
  14. NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    :yeah:I JUST FOUND OUT THIS MORNING, I PASSED!! I had 86 questions and I have been so stressed out thinking that I could have failed, until this morning I found LPN next to my name on the Oregon State Board of Nursing website! I am so relieved and re...

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